Redrow Homes?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Stacks of jobs going there though.
  2. Fair one
  3. Yeah

    Stacks of jobs, but the good ones will of course not be for locals, of any description!

    As for the Health and Safety Reasons for not bringing down the wall, try security reasons, closer to the mark! you can't nick stuff from behind a 12 foot wall when you don't know its there! It's also cheaper than erecting full safety fences, but why spend money. It could also be useful to keep some of it up at a later date to keep the locals away from the expensive housing - we don't want no ASBOs here!
  4. An acquaintance of mine is a joiner. He's of the opinion that there's a good 5 years of construction work lined up in Guzz. Not my cup of tea, but if you just need to earn some shackles........................
  5. We'll be really glad that South Yard Enclave went back to the former owners when Pompey closes! Having marked Llangennech for closure, DSDA seem to be scratching its corporate head over where to put the ex S Yard stores.

    A nice big wall helps to keep the prices up and the undesirables out.

    Mind some of these "HAVES" in my books are undesirables!!!!!!!!!!

    Take a look at Warrington Cheshire Winwick Hospital, Warrington, closed in 1998. When it closed it was over 100 years old. It had been one of the old county asylums for Lancashire. All traces of Winwick finally disappeared in 2000 when the former site was covered by executive housing.

    We are talking a small private community here the old hospital wall was kept intact and we even have our own traffic light system. You only have to look at the property when passing to see "IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD DON'T ASK"

    Thatcher had the thing about the community looking after the mentaly ill so the place was sold to the developers. It was and is a large area the building although old had character. I had been there in the past as a visitor to see a friend.

    Now we have a new mental hospital quarter of the size about to be built in the private sector. Not in Warrington of course that is to upmarket these days!!! Still trying to work out how the patients who are NHS will be paid to a private hospital??

  7. Believe me there is still plenty of room and unused buildings left in the south yard and don’t forget the new stores at camels head.
  8. Yeah and if more room is needed for stores, they can just build on yet another car park!!
  9. Who said Pompey is going to close? You know what the powers that be are like, spent a fortune in Guzz so there's every chance it will be guzz that goes - or is reduced to subs and FOST only!
  10. Conversely with the prospects for a decent fleet being minimal anyone for Fleetwood!

    Why not ot's certainly big enough for what we will have in a few years! so Fleetwood it is - even got the right name! Britains premier naval base - Fleetwood -where the Fleets at! :twisted:
  11. I see the wall was actually knocked down earlier on today. I drove past as they where filming it, did'nt get on telly though.
  12. The spin being put on the story by the local media is that the evil Admiralty
    erected the wall after the blitz in order to help oppress the honest and hardworking burghers of old Devonport.
  13. Shurely that should be spelt as burglers?? :wink:
  14. Redrow will make money out of anything and everything they possibily can! If you live anywhere near where they are building get a damned good solicitor and the press on your side asap. They are a bunch of ********************s!!

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