Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by cornishgolfer, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. OK, havent seen any posts on the subject so will start one.

    My Mum called me from Fareham yesterday on the news. Aparently most peeps in Pompey are pissed at the fecker going to spurs. Remember the fecker went to "that other Solent club" a few years back, But Pompey forgave him, but he has stuck it to them again.

    Yeh they won the FA cup BUT, whats your thoughts.

    And if you dont give a shit , then f*ck off and write in another thread then!
  2. Well I'm bloody chuffed!
  3. Whats the odds he will be back in 12 months.
  4. Pretty high I would imagine.
  5. Couldn't ask for a better manager to get us out of the shite we are in at the moment. COYS!
  6. As old Arry said himself, it's Pompey's job to lose what he helped them gain, so leaving shouldn't bother the club, he built it to what it is now, I'm just worried Tony will make a hash of it..(gooner here) besides the club got lots of cash for Harry and can use that to buy's a win-win situation, unless they get relegated... :hockey:

    Oh I might add that the Gunners will now have to keep an eye on their rivals, it was way better under their old manager... :bball:
  8. Judas!!! Again he's run away...I like Harry..But he has now pushed the envelope! I hope he fails..gets spurs relegated; happy one harry dont wont u back
  10. It's fitba and, therefore, not important.

    I'm now off to write in another post as suggested above.
  11. Get back in the kitchen woman, this is mans talk. ;-)
  12. Anything that upsets Pompey fans works for me... Looking forward to the tumble downwards :bball:
  13. Whether you support/dislike Pompey is really neither here or there. Its sematics and pride and loyalty. Just flash the cash and thats the first thing thats out the window...loyalty.

    oh and I-N-H. yawn
  14. Who actuallly gives a f**k about pompey. They are a tin pot club with a bobbins ground and only a couple of thousand for fans. Sod em
  15. This guy....
    John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood or "TCWTB" (that c*** with the bell)

    "Europe awaits world’s most annoying fan"
  16. Funny thing is, that's his real hair sticking out from under that stupid hat!
  17. London 1 Hull 4

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