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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by jambosun, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Despite having more records (old git that I am - they're still records!) on my ipod than I thought I could possibly want, I was starting to get a bit bored with what was on there and so I started trawling my memory to see what forgotten gems I could come up with. Best finds so far (in the last 20 minutes) are Joan Baez 'Diamonds and Rust' which is genius and almost as good as the Judas Priest version, and 'Song to the Siren' by This Mortal Coil.

    I now need the help of RR to try and repopulate my ipod with some forgotten classics that my wine addled brain cannot recall. Please don't bother with anything after 1990 or anything that is sung/spoken by some blinged up [email protected] who doesn't even know how to wear a baseball cap the right way round! And if anybody can help me find Melanie singing "Every Breath of the Way", I'll be forever in your debt.

    Thanks in advance for your 'considered' suggestions!


  2. Bloody Hell Sol - you must be due a Nobel prize by now! I am such a Luddite I didn't know you could buy stuff on Amazon and put it on an ipod - I thought it all had to be done through i-tunes. I'm going to be very skint very quickly now I've discovered this new opportunity to spend money. Seriously, I am v chuffed, thanks.

    I'll be having a look at BOOTWU's recommendations just as soon as I've finished blowing up the house to Uriah Heep. I love being old!!!
  3. "Bursting at the seams" and "Grave new world" by the Strawbs, back in the day.
  4. Staying with the Uriah Heep theme - I've just re-discovered UH Live 1973. Something tells me that the Gypsy live track was the first use of a Mini Moog live on stage. Seem to be regressing back into my prog rock days. Going through all my Yes and Robin Trower LP's. Yet to start on Steve Hillage. Oh what memories.
  5. TBS

    If you had to choose a Prog Rock Top Ten, what would you choose?

    I'm not very expert on Prog Rock myself but I know a few guys who are and I've heard them play lots of tracks which I have liked.

    Another thing: how would you define "Prog Rock" in your own words?
  6. My wife bought me a usb deck to transfer my vinyl to ipod.Its a great excuse to rediscover some greats.Here's a few.(In my humble opinion)
    Benefit. Jethro Tull
    Irish Tour 74.Rory Gallagher
    The Yes Album. Yes
    Tapestry.Carole King.
    And talking of Melanie, her version of Ruby Tuesday still send a tingle up the spine.(although that could be the rheumatism)

    PS.Saw Robin Trower a few years ago.That man can make a strat talk.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2011
  7. He had slipped off my radar until blackstrat mentioned him, which shows how the old brain cells are deteriorating. Robin Trower was a "local lad" to me.He grew up in Southend.Played with Procol Harum and later with Jack Bruce.
    See more here "+WebTitle+"
  8. I'd have to go away for a long time to come up with my Top 10 prog Rock list. Would have to include Genesis, Tull, Floyd, Hillage, Yes, Wakeman, Supertramp, et al. Wouldn't class Rory Gallagher as prog rock but more blues/rock (look for a copy of Crest of a Wave (live)). Come to H in the alphabet within the long list of albums - try this one then, how about Horslips.......... Irish Folk/rock group. Still going strong. Appeared at the Celtic Connections concerts in Scotland recently. Also discovered Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Music Album on clear vinyl. Written for the Festival of Mind Body and Spirit at Olympia in London. Like wow man.....................................
  9. V8,

    The first 3 are all fairly familiar and I reckon that Shadow Play by Rory Gallagher is just outstanding. Totally agree about Melanie's version of Ruby Tuesday and I'll have to go and get that now as well. I have thought about one of these USB transfer thingys but I imagine it takes ages and I've got far too may records to transfer. Anyway I still quite like getting the vinyl out - well, I did until my rabbit ate through the wires on my stereo (little git).


  10. Forgot - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  11. Brilliant - someone else who likes Horslips. What a top band and thankfully I already have them on my ipod.
  12. How about the best live album ever.....Live & Dangerous by Thin Lizzy.
  13. Sol,

    My definition of prog rock would be; a form of music that pushed the traditional boundaries the of classic rock style. Mainly British in the late 60's and early 70's moving short punchy rock songs towards more artsy ballads pushing a lot more technical boundaries out. Also developed from psychedelic rock drawing influences from many diverse areas. Bands such as King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Soft Machine, ELP came to be known as prog rock bands. These bands have influenced many current performers today although few admit it.

    PS. RIP Blues legend Pinetop Perkins fine blues pianist and oldest recipient of a Grammy.
  14. Brilliant Choice. But mine would have to be Pulse - Pink Floyd. Dave Gilmour playing that Black Strat. (I'm biased)
    Eagles - Live
    Any Rory Gallagher live album
    Any Stevie Ray Vaughan live album
  15. It does only record in real time but it is a good excuse to play them all!

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