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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BARNEYRNSM, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. Strange question but does anyone have an image of a blank rip out/tag out tag that we used on board please? I am trying to remember what was on it, plant ID,open/shut,replaced,name, SM,date and tag number 1 of?? on both halves. Can anyone help please?
  2. Can't help, but oh deep joy, remember trying to trackdown/convince all the signatories required!

    Will be interesting to see one again!
  3. Not quite answering your question but;
    BR 2000(20) Art 1102.
    For High Voltage try DBR2000(52))(1)
    There are many many different types in use in Civvy street. Google Images is your friend.
    Also check out the HSE website
  4. Can't help with the picture but I seem to remember one of the items to fill out was SYSTEM/EQUIPMENT.
    It may jog a memory somewhere.
  5. The civvy industry one just says isolated do not touch, I am trying to show how mistakes are avoided by use of the two part rip out tags we had in the mob. Cheers for the help chaps! Maybe someone has one lurking in their kit bag....
  6. image.jpeg
    Well it just so happens that I have a spare in my wallet, you never know when you might need to tag the TV out when the missus wants to watch eastenders, or some other rubbish.
    Hope it helps
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  7. Strange, as in the offshore industry tag out/lock out is force fed to everyone, same as permits to work.
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  8. Might be easier to read if I attach it this way instead....
  9. That one almost the same as the ones used on boats, pretty sure it didn't have the SR sig bit, just a signature, rate, date etc and the System/Equipment/Circuit bit had Not To Be............, also had an eyelet in part A so you could tie it to the fuse holder/valve/operating switches etc.
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  10. Yeah we still have to have a SR sign it in the GS world, still can't trust the little darlings back aft. Although LH's can now be endorsed by the Skipper due to the fact that Project Faraway has made them all section heads.
  11. Our tags say"isolated do not touch" and we use Permits to work. Its just that on the isolations there is no ID to what it is or why its isolated and there is also no trail for it being reinstated, I have tried explaining this to the powers that be, but they don't get it and consequently, four short falls I stated whilst under going my initial safety training literally a month after joining ( three years ago now) have all happened. I am trying to get them to see the benefit of the RN system.

    Many thanks for the picture, spot on shippers!
  12. Barney, if you are looking for other sources look at OPITO who govern safety and training for North Sea oil and gas, as I said its drummed in from day one. OPITO was set up as a response to the findings of the Cullen Report into Piper Alpha. One of the failures on Piper Alpha was the tagging out of a system without the proper paperwork hence why they are very hot on it now.
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  13. Always work backwards from the enquiry. If you don't have the correct procedures in place, and they are followed, you will surely come to grief. Would you (or your boss for that matter) really want to be stood up in best bib & tucker as "The Accused".
  14. Not with you,sorry, are you saying I should say nothing?

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  15. I remember doing my Teaching Course at RNSETT and one of the Fishead types was doing his lecture on the Tagging Out system. Part of the instruction was to teach by asking questions. We asked said Fishead what questions he was going to ask etc (to make his lecture easier), he said, "dont worry, they are easy".

    He starts, "so we are going to tag out the Radar with a coloured tag, what colour signifies Danger in the RN?", looking round he picks me, "Yellow & Black Stripes", I replied.

    With a look of thunder he asked somebody else.

    A dockyard civving from Guz was doing viewing the solar eclipse, when question on the midway point (Wednesday) why his leture was not on a work related subject (as mention on the joining instructions) he said it would be changed for the final assessment.

    On the Friday he introduced his lecture as 'Veiwing the Solar Eclipse safely from Naval Establishments". :)
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