Red One: A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line

Dear all,

I am about to plug an Army book - sorry! But it should be of great interest to anyone in the EOD/weapons world or anyone unfortunate enough to have seen PTSD first hand.

My first book, Red One: A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line, is published on 19 August this year. Red One is a memoir of my time as a counter-terrorist bomb disposal operator (ATO) in Iraq, focussing on a single action (for which I was later awarded the George Medal) and how PTSD affected me for a number of years afterwards.

Here is the blurb:

This is the gripping true story of a young bomb disposal officer and his terrifying experiences in Iraq facing daily rocket attacks and terrorist bombs. When two of his colleagues are killed by a roadside bomb, Kevin Ivison is called in to defuse a second even deadlier bomb just a hundred yards from the bodies of his friends. To make things worse, the entire area is under fire from snipers, and a crowd of angry Iraqis have begun to hurl petrol bombs... With little chance of living through this impossible task, Kevin leaves final messages for his loved ones and sets out alone towards the bomb that he is sure will be the last thing he sees. In this gut-wrenching tale of heroism and survival, Kevin Ivison explains why he chose to be a bomb disposal expert in the first place, how he found the courage to face his death, and the unendurable stress that has given him nightmares ever since

As soon as I get an advance copy I will offer it to Rum Ration for review. In the meantime, please take a look at Red One on Amazon. If you order the book through the link below, you will also be supporting Help4Heroes - I will donate every penny of Amazon commission to that incredible cause.

Here is the Amazon link:"><img

Thank you,

Kevin Ivison

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