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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. I was forced to watch the tv last night showing the group of Z list celebs climbing Mount Killimangero and The Apprentice all in the aid of Red Nose day.
    Whilst it is no doubt a noble cause I couldnt see the point of them putting their lives at risk climbing all that way up when their time would have been better spent building a school or something.
    There was a lot of look at me etc from them all and arent I good doing this.

    The ginger minger from Eastenders really showed herself up on the Apprentice by throwing her teddy out at the boss women over some minor thing.

    Jonathon Ross was his normal purile self,trying to monopolise the camera as well.
    I must be getting old and cynical but I think this thing has perhaps gone on too long and a new format needs bringing in.

    I know its for charity etc but if African leaders started spending money on food and health care rather than arms and munitions to keep blasting away at each other it might not be needed!

    Sorry,just needed to say that.Please be gentle with me :x
  2. I fully agree with you Rod especially when Fern moron, i mean cotton fainted in the hospital FFS. The money could always be put to better use but call be a tight fisted bastard but i'd rather spent my money on H4H or combat stress where i know it will get to where its needed and not in some African leaders Swiss bank account!!
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sure that the trip has done wonders for the egos of those involved, but there cannot be any disputing the fact that they have inspired many to give to charity (at least 40% of which will be spent on causes here) and I'm fairly sure that the comic relief fund does not buy lorry loads of AK47's for African leaders or bump up the balance of their Swiss bank accounts. If it's done for a good cause should we really criticise. (Before anyone starts with the "charity begins at home", yes I agree, but if we can help others less fortunate, in any way at all, that to me has to be a good thing.
  4. Stupid celeb attention whore c'unts. If you watch this sh1t you are adding to this gay celeb culture we have now and more attention whoring on telly will commence.

    As for f'ucking Africa, we should never have left. They clearly can't behave civily on their own and are constantly kiling each other and whatnot. The trouble them crazy africans get up to lol. What's the point in building them a school when Tyrone from the dimhimbibbi tribe is just gonna burn it down in 5 months anyway?
  5. Bloody hell nailz i'd hate to be one of your patients when your doing your medical placements.

  6. Listen up chums.I once had the pleasure of watching as 5000 tons of rice,USA aid, was re-bagged and sold in the docks at Calcutta.Nicked from Indians by Indians. All of the big charities try to outdo each other in the advertising game and my bet is that less than 20% of what you donate gets to the target.Exceptions being the smaller focused charities.And the RNLI. Before anyone jumps down my neck ,we all have our favorites but there is also a very big business going on here with some nice salaries being paid out.
    What did Arafat lift ? $20million? Since I was a kid money has been poured into Africa with eff all to show for it.
  7. Very true which is why i donate my cash to causes such as those mentioned by me earlier.
  8. Might be interesting to find out what the TOTAL cost of production for this programme us all the agony and time, and donate the cost direct
    No egos on constant inflate and some less irate RR's
  9. You never see the area managers of high street charity shops driving around in heaps of shit do you. Meanwhile 75 year old Doris and her friends are working for little more than a cuppa every hour or so!!
  10. Whether I agree with where the money goes or not. I think good on them for doing something different. They could've just appeared on tv like most celebs and say give us your money but what they didn't wasn't the norm. To be fair they raised a lot of money during a recession which is good going.

    Whether you like the celebs or not they deserve a little credit in my eyes. I'm back in training for this years commando challenge in Oct. I did it last year so this time I've got personal objectives to beat as well as raising money for charities. I don't find it easy either. So doing what they did I wouldn't have found it easy either.

    But this is my opinion if it was me raising money for charity I too would prefer it to go to a military charity not africans but hey who knows one day I may need comic reliefs help.
  11. As I understand it, all costs of the expedition were borne by BT and the campaign raised £1.5m before the programme was even broadcast (link). They can add my fiver plus Gift Aid to the total achieved through text donations after last night's viewing. It was good entertainment and I enjoyed seeing some high-profile people doing something physically demanding for a change instead of simply looking or sounding good on a stage or in a bath of baked beans. They might even have inspired a few kids to get out and do something worthwhile too.
  12. Hale and Pace in the guise of the 2 Ron's

    Ron 1...'' You doin anyfin for comic Relief ? ''

    Ron 2....'' Yeah, I just shot Jimmy Cricket ''
  13. My sentiments exactly,you cant trust the receiving goverments sadly so all the hard work goes to nothing.
  14. I am extremely commited to red nose day. Idrew £50 out of my bank account which caused the bank manager to have a coronary, then down to the local supermarket and converted the cash int booze.
    Said booze then converted into refreshment, result one red nose and no money wasted on Red Nose charities :p
  15. RED NOSE !!!! shit I misheard, I thought it was Red Knob day, I've been bashing the bishop all day :wink:

  16. BZ Slim and Mr Jihad ! Barstewards, major cider spill on the keyboard .
  17. What hacks me off is some celeb earning 10 times my wage demanding my dosh, I'd prefer it if they said how much they'd coughed up, my money goes to the RNLI, H4H etc. If they want to help Brit kids give it to the NSPCC or Barnadoes. Not very charitable but bollix to Africa, that's been a money pit for decades :evil:
  18. Charities like this is "Poor people in rich countries giving dosh to rich people in poor countries"

    I stopped giving handouts to big charities when I found out that many years ago, Frank Judd Liabour MP for Portsmouth North on leaving parliament, immediately got the job of Oxfam Boss at around 70k.
  19. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Was going to watch a bit of 'Red Nose Day' on the TV but it turned out to be the Jonathon Ross show so gave up.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've worked on a few red nose days, fcuking con if you ask me. All about celebs getting themselves on telly. I always did them at a discounted rate but paid anyone working with me a full days wage.

    The very first Red nose day, back when Noah was still a lad was alright but the format's a bit past it now. Keep your money in your pockets, there are precious few charities I'd support after seeing how allot of people who work for them have £50 - 70k salaries, company car, telephone, expense account etc.

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