Red mist.

Morning Red, first off pay attention to the ‘Who’s online’ box today, bottom right of screen.
Next, I have put a fresh chapter in the Stirling Thread for you to read, If you have not already done so you will need to purchase a fresh outer of Pampers to get you through the first hour or two, I will understand if you are a tad late returning from Lidl, there no time issues yet as I will have my breakfast while you browse Stirling for suitable bites and shop.
This is the only starter I will give you so make it work for your good as well as any watchers up at this hour.
Have included a track that you should listen to before we game.
0630 should be a good start time.


Cypress Hill - Can't Get The Best Of Me - YouTube
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Have e-mailed the CO's and explained my plan for today, that it is now a damp squib is gutting.
What's the betting he turns up when I am enjoying my first pint since holiday on the Island last June.

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