Red faced/smooth boy pilot

During the far east leg of HMS Victorious 66/67 commission their developed a problem with the correct angle of the tail fin at catapult launch with slipper tanks fitted We had already lost one Bucc at launch L/T Gemley and L/T Elliss who both ejected safely The boffins at Boscombe Down put it down to pilot error? They then flew their ace smooth boy test pilot L/T CDR Johnny Eagles out to Singapore to show us how it should be done? After his 24 hour flight out in a VC 10 .It was hands to flying stations off Subic Bay. Bucc on the cat correct angle set? Launched /60 secs later Johnnys in the drink with a reluctant observer F/T Scrivens ops? they both ejected safely / Johnnys on the next plane home / scouse

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