Red Caps - having fun!

Seems like it, I reckon its just a stag do with a stripper. Needless to say I am feeling evil today so I emailed the t**t from the Scum and bollocked him.

I agree with Stab - probably a stag do.

However if she is serving then they're going to have fun trying to identify that tattoo in an identity parade. What's that? They can just go by her face? Bugger!!

Seems staged, why has the bloke got his tackle out, but shes covering her area of joy with a RM cap. Something smells fishy here and its not the rim of that cap!


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I'm currently on course at the Defence Police College (ex-HMS DRYAD) and this story caused a big stink with the RMPs this morning... suffice to say, after the crap they dished out to Jack after the Iranian Hostage issue, revenge was served cold today!


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