red arrows- too british?!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Re: red arrows- to british?!

    Total tossers, but there again what can you expect from Bliers/Browns cronies, nuliebour appointees what do you expect
  2. Re: red arrows- to british?!

    Wander if they'll ban dragon dancing next year then. That would really be too Chinese!!
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  3. This is really outrageous!
    The western world is losing its identity bit by bit.
    Every country has its distinctive tradition,customs etc.
    Please keep it that way or otherwise we, the western world, become one big grey islamophobic mass.
    When can we be proud of our own nations again?
  4. No source for this other than aircrew on the flight?

    Call me a bluff old traditionalist but I'm sceptical of the veracity of the story.
  5. I would sooner see the Vulcan flying than the reds preferably with a nuke hanging underneath for all to see. With the message "IF WE DON'T WIN ALL THE MEDALS YOU GET THIS"

    "pax vobiscum" (peace be with you)

  6. THE Red Arrows have been banned from performing at the 2012 London Olympics as they are too BRITISH.

    Barmy organisers claim the popular RAF display team’s military background “might offend other nationsâ€.

    “They’re not an expression of our military power — they’re a source of national pride. But Olympic bosses have said we might offend foreigners. It’s madness.â€

    So perhaps we can all protest when other nations march into the stadium carrying their national flag and to the tune of their national anthem?
  7. Lets see what happens at the Beijing Olympic Games in China in 2008 - there is bound to be a Chinese military presence, will that offend the other nations? I bet they don't say a dickie bird (the other nations that is) the "west" wants the Chinese trade so they will keep quite. Coe & co. total tossers
  8. Let's hope that we don't win any medals then! Imagine a Brit on the podium, and the band having to play the British National Anthem! That's really going to p**s the rest of the world off!
  9. Re: red arrows- to british?!

    Talking about Tory boy Coe are we?
  10. I hope that they are not hoping to use any military manpower for the event then!
  11. That too is to be banned just in case it upsets any Muslims nearby who may hear the anthem or see the Union Flag. ;-)
  12. It's comforting to know that some forum members believe everything that gutter rag that calls itself a newspapers spouts forth.
  13. Maybe if we called them 'Jihad' Arrows and made all the pilots where Burkas?
    Could we still have the air show then?
  14. Form the article in paper.

    Quote para 2

    Barmy organisers claim the popular RAF display team’s military background “might offend other nationsâ€.

    Quote Final Paragraph
    A spokesman said: “No decision has yet been made.
    “We haven’t made any final arrangements for the opening ceremony yet.â€

    Me thinks this is a NON story by some Jurno, who had to get some copy to the editor or lose her Job.


    Like I said NON story.... why post it?
  15. Re: red arrows- to british?!

    it never said that he had anything to do with it, no quotes etc just his name and pic, and he was a nuliebour appointee anyway
  16. As Richie said, let's see what slopes do. If they mount a military display (Army formation flag waving display that they seem to like), task the Reds (and they do "sound" left wing).

    As said; not a story.
  17. Ah the Mighty Tin Triangle, dreams are made of this. Spotted the deliberate mistake though, there's a big 'ole where the bombs ought to be (all 21 of them); been dropped already? :thumright:
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As a counterpoint, I was watching a compilation of the best bits of the RWC last night, and saw footage of the opening ceremony in France. And guess what? French military aircraft (not a spotter, so don't know what type) doing a 'Red Arrows' over the stadium, including the red, white & blu smoke trails... but did anyone complain? I seriously doubt it! :roll:

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