Red Arrows to be Based in Dhelii

Trelawney, I have to ask - were you short-changed recently at your local convenience / paper shop, or is there another deeper reason for your persistent anti-foreigner campaign on RR just now? You may as well just post daily links to the Daily Wail and Daily Excess websites so we can see them all in a oner and not have multiple threads of vitriol and contempt for anyone not white British.

Just curious.
In actual fact the Arrows are currently using RAF Cranwell as their base, because the runway at RAF Scampton is being re-surfaced, it will not be finished until after the Arrows have been on their final work-up, which takes place in Cyprus next month.
No Dredd, seem to be a lack of posters recently, so merely keeping the posts up. As for the foreigners, immigration is a hot topic, as are politics in general. Merely reflecting the news and the duplicity of our political masters who say one thing at home, then a different thing abroad. Agree that I'm against full involvement with the EU and feel we should have ties like Switzerland.
.foreign aid is ring fenced and the majority of it goes to line the pockets of the corrupt abroad. Colour doesn't come into the equasion. At present this country is sinking under the volume of immigrants, we have British born Muslims openly sprouting their hatred of everything non Muslim and stating that it is the duty of every Muslim to collect jihadseekers allowance. Does the thought of unregulated numbers of immigrants not worry you when there is so much unemployment already, and a much reduced manufacturing base?
Does the thought of unregulated numbers of immigrants not worry you when there is so much unemployment already, and a much reduced manufacturing base?
In short, no. Our views obviously don't match but I am intrigued with some aspects of the arguments (debate?) being presented if it comes in the form of reasoned thought. However, I don't think that very much of it is based in fact but mostly on perception and that can be said for both sides. What often saddens me is how quickly our indigenous population is in talking down our country, of which I am and will always remain proud.

It is a bit of a contradiction though – it is our ability to see the other side and laugh at ourselves that makes us so strong as a nation, yet there is a general tendency to over-exaggerate and there becomes a point when it moves from self-effacing satire to look uncomfortably like xenophobia which is actually unhealthy.

Britain is a trading nation, and always has been. It has always been multi-cultural as well and the RN knows that as much as anyone. Just look at the nationalities that served at Trafalgar, and not just those from the Empire.

Surely the fact that Britain can be seen as a safe haven, where the opportunity exists to gain a valuable education and to work and contribute to a strong economy should be seen as a positive?

Every group of peoples have their good guys and bad ‘uns, lets not kid ourselves, and of course any migrant community will have its share of shifty if not downright criminal characters – no doubt we export just as many as we take in. But the UK is a soft touch? Don’t think so. If it were, then I would have thought the entire populations of these so-called third world countries would have decamped to here by now!
Some think all imigration is ok, its not, Cameron is saying if you have a degree and speak the lingo you can come here study and maybe get a job, fair enough, the other side of the coin is the financial migrants that come here with no skills, no intention of intigrating, dont speak the language and have no chance of getting a job and supporting themselves, they just become a burden on the state.
Interesting it on a local "job site " If you haven't got a job visa and don't live in the UK ... don't bother applying! Says it all really!
Unlimited immigration into this country doesn't worry you Dredd?
Well it scares the shit out of me.
Like I said in my last incursion into the debate, how can you take from people who have paid for their future and give it those who have not. If you feel that the distribution of wealth is a criteria then share yours.
Send shed loads into the forces charities via RR. The government is not helping them to the extent they need or else there would be no need for the charities. But they can send money to develop cities in India?
How about developing our cities?
Selfish attitude? You bet mate, India's building Carriers and buying them from Russia. Their buying planes for a display team, and were giving them aid.
Were experiencing cut backs and they develop their Nuclear capability.
I want to do the grand tour of the USA with my family, do you recon I should get benefit from the UK if I do?
It's piss taking and its happening because of apathy by the ones who don't agree not shouting loud enough (silent majority) and the bleeding hearts shouting too much.
It's so easy and painless spending others money and knowing that even if you never win another election in your life you will receive a pension from the state in excess of a salary most will only ever dream of.
And its not racism as racism is the practise of perpetrating that your race is superior to that of the one you are attempting to decry.
My argument is that of a pissed off citizen seeing everything I have worked hard for being devalued by a bunch of bastards who can bail out and never feel the repercussions of the shit they have brought down on us.
Oh and Nationalism is not a hate crime.
Red Arrows to be based on the M5.

The Red Arrows

The Red Turbans aka Surya Kiran

(Not a lot of difference really)

Note to o/c Red Arrows - Plymouth Airport is going spare.

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