Recycling.....the big myth

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've probabley spelt the new "in" word wrong but hey, ho.

    Just to let you all know, all that cardboard/card that you all so dilligantly separate and recycle is bullsh!t, all we have in this country is machines to squash and bundle it. It then gets put into haulage containers and shipped overseas, China I think.

    Same with your tins, your local council does this for do I know? lorry driver, I've been hauling it.

    The western (UK) Govt are all immersing themselves in a huge con called something like the carbon footprint but they are trading there emissions with countries that cannot meet the deal and have no intentions too. Sloped shoulders or what?
  2. I think we all knew this Like you say .Money Tax Ect.
  3. It's all same same as using will power on Diarrhea :tp:
  4. Recycling, Global warming - all a myth - mythsold!
  5. Similar to Blobs, I did some moonlighting a couple of years ago, driving a bin lorry over leave. Collected rubbish from around Radstock/Bath (Somerset) area. When the truck was full, we'd drive out to Westbury (Wiltshire) and tip it there. Black bags, cardboard, food waste all went in the same hole. Yet another pointless exercise.
  6. The whole Save the Planet thing is a con and a way of generating taxes. The planet is warming up. Look at Earth's history and you will see that the N & S poles have been liquid more than than they have been ice (OK-Antarctica is mostly land mass but you get the gist). We are not responsible for the warming but we probably are not helping. We cannot stop it and if I sell my Landrover, some one else will only drive it.....
    How does recycling save the planet anyway? Does my Tesco blue stripe add to warming the atmosphere in some way? Global warming is just that - GLOBAL. Get China, India and the US on side and then I'll get cavity wall insulation. Probably won't need it though and will ultimately save a fortune on air fares as the Med comes to the Isle of Wight!!
  7. Like many I am not convinced on the global warming thing, but on the recycling side there are some relatively decent arguments that don't involve global warming. Supermarket bags are a real and present danger to wildlife and cutting the number that are discarded down makes sense for that reason. As for rubbish in general, we are running out of places to dump the stuff so cutting down the ammount we dump does make sense. Also in many cases things made out of recycled stuff cost less in general so recycling to keep prices down also makes sense.
  8. I'd like to see the evidence of that.
  9. Come on d-e, you mustn't challenge the believers!
  10. Well said on the recycling. The point of recycling is not the global warming bit (PLEASE stop calling it that! It is "climate change"), but yes the ends of the supply chain. At the beginning, should we be using up all of the limited natural resources we have? At the other end, what do we do with the rubbish? We're an island, FFS, and can't go around burying everything. Energy from waste is one problem, but there are too many NIMBYs to use that solution effectively.

    Politicians don't help when they talk on the environment. And I'd ask not to generalise on what councils do with their recycling on the basis of a couple of lorry-drivers - I'm married to someone who spends her entire working life getting councils to implement recycling and visiting the recycling plants. They do exist and they do recycle. Anyone who reckons that it is all about taxation should really do more research beyond the pages of the Daily Wail.
  11. I stand corrected on the recycling. Apologies for mixing the 2 up. The evidence would suggest (2 lorry drivers above) that it is a waste of time.

    WRT the climate change and ice caps, my sister-in-law is studying the phenomenon as part of an OU course. Got the info from her in a heated family "chat" not so long ago. I can't give you references, but she has the brain the size of a planet (warm) and generally thinks before she wades in.
    Ref asst-dep-dep-asst's comments - I challenge anything that costs me cash.
  12. I've no doubt that your wife does exactly as you say, but don't discount what others say just because they are "a couple of lorry drivers". As to your little spat about calling global warming climate change, don't be a prat - the whole point in the CO2 / global warming / climate change debate is that there are those, I imagine you among them, who believe that the earth's warming climate is due to CO2 emissions, whereas many eminent scientist doubters say that the CO2 contribution to the warming effect is less than 1% of the whole. Global warming is a perfectly reasonable term to use.

    Any sane individual would accept that reducing consumption of our natural assets is a good thing, but the headlong rush to apportion blame for the earth's current predicament needs to be reined back a bit and a much more intelligent debate needs to be started.
  13. Was my use of irony totally wasted?
  14. When I was at skool in the 70's we were being told that there was an ICE-AGE beginning/coming in/about the 2060 mark.
    Now we are told we are gonna warm up.

    Well if the ice melts we should have built/be building some water desalination plants in places like the sahara/ dryer countries and start pumping the stuff, then plants will grow in the desert, then the plants will be food for the bony animals then the animals will get fatter, then the owners will get more energy from well fed cattle then they can afford to use bio fuel cars then we warm up a bit more... then ahhh FCK it, that helps not!

    But surely on a serios note - can we not build water desalination plants to use this "freed Water"? or at least get some dry countries to build some? No worries about rising water leveles then and London wont be swamped like a matelot after a night on the pop?!
  15. If you read what I said, I asked not to stereotype on the basis of 2 lorry driver's accounts. Some councils are better than others. There are a buch of other facts that we don't know about in the particular cases described, and to say otherwise is speculation.

    As for global warming/climate change, my point is that when The Great Public hears "global warming" and then look out of their window and see wind and rain, they think it is a load of hockum. What cannot be denied is that the rate of change of weather patterns is markedly faster that anythinng we've seen in the last few thousand years. Debate all you like about the cause, but to deny the facts is to live in a cave in a remote mountain range. As for your arguments, greater minds than ours have also stated that a 1% increase in CO2 levels can and is destabilising the balance and leading to accelerated change, effectively feeding a positive feedback loop. Speaking as a "scientist" and an engineer, I can appreciate that a small change to the balance can have a tremendous and increasing impact. As for the cause, there are far more "eminient scientists" who argue with fact and logic that mankind's contribution is, if not the cause, certainly a significant contributor to the problem. As a lay person with some common sense, even you cannot deny that spewing out unbounded levels of CO2 into a limited atmosphere cannot be a good thing. But returning to recycling...

    As for your last paragraph, thank you for proving my point about confusing recycling with climate change.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There is no re-cycling facility in the UK for cardboard, fact. All the councils do is bundle it up and ship it abroad, we have'nt got anywhere in the UK to recycle it.

    Tins......china is after scrap metal so who'd you think the councils flog it to?

    I'm not against recycling, I think the supermarkets need a wake up call about the amount of packaging they use but that's another arguement.
  17. I think, if you care to do some research, that you'll find that most paper mills in the UK take cardboard and paper and recycle it back into the system.

    Take a look at the following for a first pass glance (6 years old, but it gives you a flavour):

    If you'd like more information, I suggest you ask your local council for information on what they do with their recycling and who buys it.

    Here's one site as an example on most materials:
  18. A few years ago West Wight built an incinerator and wanted East Wight to contribute to the cost of the build an running it. E.W. said no and exported it to the main land via Pompy, paying for the privilage the firm the sold the waste to W.W. as it didnt have enough waste to run the incinerator and sent it over via Lymington. So 2 unnecessery ferry trips and 60/120 road miles for 10 trucks a day cos 2 councils wouldnt talk to each other untill the whistle was blown on ITV.
  19. When you look at what we throw away as waste, you do have to ask what are we doing? If you can melt it down, re shape, re model, re use for less energy than a new one then surely we should do it! If your council make only a quid on a whole skip load of stuff, then they have...
    a) made a quid.
    b) more importantly .... saved a bit of gear going to landfill.
    c) tried to get the idea across that your actions can make a tiny difference.

    All it will take now is to convince the Major consuming countrys to follow your lead.

    China is a growing problem, America hasn't a clue, and, India/Pakistan need convincing.

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