Rectruitment Test

Hi all.

Just decided to post that I've passed my Recruitment Test yesterday morn :-D The only bad thing is I have to make another decision about which career path I am going to go down as I'll be too old for Engineering by the time I get to Raleigh. Looks like I'm going to be either a CT or CIS in a few years.

Anyway, no newbie questions or owt but any info would always be appreciated.

Just a quick add: I've searched the forums and the official website so just looking for any thoughts or personal experiences that haven't been posted before.

(Obv not anything that contravenes OPSEC lol)
sorry to hear youll be to old to be an engineer.ive just been told the same thing.looks like i'll be leaving the world of oil and sh*t behind to be a mine warfare specialist now so happy days.still a year to wait though.
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