Discussion in 'RFA' started by seasickken, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm in the process of joining, ex GP1/ABs ticket, 53years of age.
    what are the percentages of me getting an interview let alone a job :?:
  2. I just got a provisional offer of employment for Deckie. I'm 44 and ex Army. I think there was over 250 applicants for this course, they selected 90 for interview for 24 places on 2 courses + some reserves.

    So by my (bad) maths, that's about a 1 in 3 chance of getting an interview and a 1 in 3 chance of getting a job mate. Have a care though, regardless of your naval experience, they will expect you to have swotted-up on the RFA on the interview. Go to TOOTP theres loads of good info there (it got me through) and good luck :wink:

    Oh, if you have recent seatime then you may be able to go in as a qualified rating, so it might be a little easier.

    Does anyone know how long the training course is for this role before you go on to full pay?
  4. Under the new apprenticeship scheme I believe it is 2 years.
  5. Under the new apprenticeship there is no guarantee of a job after those two years correct?
  6. Yes that's what it states in the provisional offer that I received. I would like to think that if you work hard and make a good impression there will be a job there for you.
  7. Huge risk to take tough, especially if you have a family to support..

    What about LSO role on direct entry? IS that the same make up?
  8. Its what I want to do so I'm going to take that chance.

    Unsure what LSO is??

  9. Sorry my bad Logistics Supply Officer..

    All the best of luck to you , hope it works out and your happy in your new career
  10. Thank you. All the best to you aswell.

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