Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bunnyjumper, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Time for a new topic I reckon.

    We're always going on about retention, and what we can do to keep people in the RNR, but recruitment seems to be a much bigger issue to me. Retention is no use if you can't get people in the door.
    The TA seem to have no problem at all - OK they have a bigger budget for recruitment and advertising, and they have a bigger footprint nationally, but everyone knows about the TA and what they do. Most people I speak to don't even realise the RNR exists!!!
    I bet we're all doing our best to recruit, but personally I've had no interest at all.
    What are everyones thoughts on this, and has anyone got any surefire recruitment methods we can all try? :?:

    At the end of the day, I don't want to see the RNR go the way of the dodo, just because we can't recruit..... :cry:
  2. I can't speak for all units, but i think the biggest issue for some units is their out of the way location. Some are so far out of the way that the towns and cities that they are in have abolutely no idea that they are even there!. So even if people knew that the RNR existed, how would they find their local unit, not easy without consulting a medium or looking on google earth?!!!! :lol:

  3. By the way, i forgot to say that your right, retention is a problem, i keep hearing the old saying 'if we can keep someone for 5 years they are likely to stay' but as you've said, we need to get them through the doors of the unit first, and if they don't know where we are.....
  4. Time then to recruit the old fashioned way,heard of pressgangs? id volunteer.
  5. Sounds good to me! count me in. Bring your own shillings!
  6. I'm led to believe the TA has a 60% turnover of people in a good year - and that people have been leaving hand over fist since the start of Telic 1 - especially as the pattern seems to be sign on RFA96 & go to Iraq 3 months later.

    I see no reason to disbelieve this.

    While there may be RNR recruitment 'issues' I know of few who have resigned directly as a result of Telic (admittedly the impact on us has been less than on the TA) - we do need to be getting the people in though.

  7. I was a Sea Cadet and even then had only vaguely heard of the RNR. And in that vague impression I had, I thought you had to be ex-RN to join. It's a reasonable assumption to make isn't it? That the Navy would have a reserve of retired sailors to call up in an emergency. It did not occur to me that civvies could join until I heard through Cadets that the RNR was recruiting in my local area and that anyone 16 - 40 could join up.
  8. I know of a good few - all sorts of excuses, but basically boiled down to "ooooo, didn't think we'd get called up". Perhaps it's something about people in our units catchment area. :oops: Makes you wonder what people are told the Reserve forces are for when they sign up - or perhaps it's more a case of selective hearing on the part of the recruits :roll:
  9. Certainly from our unit prospective I think recruiting would be so much easier if when potential new recruits came to the unit they could see a busy unit with lots of people doing training..and training that is worthwhile......something that if you were to walk around would grab your interest..!!

    We have plenty of people on the books and I dont just mean JR's , Officers and Senior Rates who simply dont turn up and im sure a great deal of that is down to Coronation Street being ultimately more exciting than the RNR on a drill night.!

    From a NE perspective first impressions count and why should they commit to us if the RNR cant commit to them at a local level not nationally but locally as this is where recruiting and retention takes place..!!

    Does anyone else have the same problem!!!
  10. TA numbers have been falling for years, it's a long term trend. In factysomeone on ARRSE did some research and found that Telic made no difference at all.

    Some people did leave the RNR during Telic, at least one I know because he couldn't get a job otherwise. He was unemployed and as soon as he said he was RNR they lost interest. Another left because they sperated and there was massive upheaval in their life, another because of a career change (though this is the only one I suspect had something to do with not wanting ot be mobilised - and that was pressure from their family I think). Also, don't forget there was a recruitment freeze for a long time, but things seem to be picking up again for us.
  11. It seems to me that the MOD/DNR or whoever is responsible for recruiting needs to put its hand in its pocket just as the TA have done and get some National Exposure i.e. TV ads..the money is obviously available why isnt someone in the NAVY/RNR sticking their hand up and using it....!!
  12. As a potential recruit myself I have found the information and advice available wholly inadequate and in most cases just absent.
    There are some lovely glossy leaflets which can be attained which explain what the RNR does and where it does it, but as usual there is nothing in these leaflets about the practicalities or indeed the content of RNR training and service. There are barely more than a few nice pictures and a list of branches.
    When I asked about joining the RNR at an RN recruitment bus I was told by a RM Nco to call the RN recruitment line, this proved useless as the chap on the other end of the phone said they did not deal with recruitment for the RNR and that I ought to contact my nearest unit. He provided me with a number(which is also listed on the RN website) which when I called it was answered "Hello, Armory..." When I asked the gentleman if I could talk to someone about recruitment I was told he wasn't aware who dealt with that and gave me another number to try. This time I was fortunate to get through to a lady who Ummmmed and aaaaaaaahd a bit and then told me to call the RN recruitment line!...... I have given up!
    I think I shall wait a few months until I move to the south coast and then try another Unit.
    I have previously asked a question on here with regard to recruitment and was very pleased to receive several thorough and useful replies, Thank you. Perhaps these people ought to form the RNR recruitment branch, they are certainly more capable it would seem than some of their colleagues.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Snip tales of AFCO incompetence!

    My unit's CO reported this week on the recent RNR Command Conference which he attended last weekend; apparently the grown-ups at the top of the RNR management tree have finally realised that recruitment is dire and this was a topic for much discussion. As a consequence, while the recruitment process remains with the AFCO, the actual responsibility for "banging the drum" rests with the units and the recruitment teams are to be expanded (although, our is still headed up by a wet-behind-the-ears subby!). There should be a contact within each unit who can give you all the necessary information including invitations to a recruitment evening; he/she may also be able to guide you through the admin maze of the AFCO. Next time you ring a unit, ask to speak to the units XO and put your questions to him/her; after all without recruits the RNR will die and the XOs will be redundant!
  14. AFCO's are breathtakingly sh1te!

    I happened to call one today - about 11.30am on a Wednesday morning - and nobody answered the phone... excellent for recruitment eh...
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Obviously a sports make and mend :)
  16. Must depend where you are - our AFCO are very good and our recruiting is fine. I've heard some of the Tender Units are doing very well as well. Agree with warmonger that potential recruits need to have expectations set but the deeper problem of your unit not being particularly active is one that needs to be addressed for retention of all and not just recruiting. Again, this applies less to some units than others.
  17. The last National Audit said that the TA are approx 8,000 below their required strength so they have their problems as well.
  18. I've got to admit I didn't appreciate the TA were having as much of a problem as that. However, my understanding is that the RNR is 1800 understrength out of a desired of around 4000. That's nearly 50%. 8000 understrength for the TA sounds a lot, but what's that as a percentage (excuse my ignorance of numbers, but I perceive that the TA is much larger than 16,000).

    Warmonger's right though, the RN needs to spend more money on advertising. There's hardly a day goes by without an Army ad on telly (which also includes TA these days), yet the senior service rarely gets a look in. I remember talk a couple of years ago about a big poster campaign for bus shelters and things, but I've never seen anything of the sort.

    Also, ITVs Soldier, Soldier undoubtedly raised the profile of the Army and had 2 or 3 series, yet in contrast Making Waves was cancelled half way through the series, with no explanation - alright it was rubbish and inaccurate (I bought the DVD out of interest and episode 4s SPO exercise was a complete fantasy :lol: :lol: :lol: ) but so was soldier soldier. Shipmates was good, but in my opinion it showed too much of the fun and laughter side and portrayed the RN as a load of dossers.

    We need the right balance. And more funding.

    Incidentaly I was in the SCC for 7 years, joined the RN at 16 and I didn't know the RNR existed until my missus spotted a small ad in the local press.
  19. I have a good video of an RNR SPO exercise.....I wouldnt use the word fantasy but it was certainly unreal...!!!!

    I may consider posting it on the site for a price!!!!
  20. Perhaps the work the same office hours as unit permanent staff??? or am i being cynical?

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