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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by who_blue, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. I was rather that I could draw on the massed experiance that is present upon the forum in regards to a specific recruiting concept, specifically that of Universities.

    Having spoken to a friend, who is a bit of an old hand, he mentioned that he remembers the RNR having a national campaign throughout the universities and it being quite successful.

    As I am now trying to put together a reasoned start point to end state proposal for an effective recruitment push in a local university, to prove it works, I was hoping for a few things from yourselves.

    - I'd like to show that it has worked previously, one of the main resistance points is "we tried it in 2003 and it didn't work", so any info about the previous campaign would be great.

    - I'd like to know about how other units have effectively targeted this market.

    - Any other constructive advice/thoughts you can provide on the topic.
  2. All rather depends which university.

    I'm sure this has been done before in the threads but offhand can't remember/when. Certainly you might get a few pointers if you look in the SCC/URNU forum.

    The only big point to make is does your university have an URNU? Officially there's no competition, in an ideal world there's no competition- RNR and URNU should really be the best of friends, different orgs, different aims and all that.

    BUT, if there is one, for God's sake keep them in the loop or at the very best you'll come across as p*ssing on their cornflakes.

    For what it's worth.
  3. The problem being that recruiting in universities costs money. I believe our local uni was asking for upwards of £600 to put a stand up at freshers week.

    Thats alot of money to most RTC's.

    Even more to the unit i think you are talking about :thumright:
  4. *Nods* I quite agree, which is why i'm trying to put together something that will work and give value for money.

    I've already managed to get the price to 2/3 of that less for a slightly less prominent position and have developed some ideas based on my own previous experience within student promotions that I think/hope will work.

    However I was hoping to hear of some success stories so as to support the proposal. If they still say no fair enough but I'd be a stupid man if I didn't ask the old hands!
  5. Eh?....whatever you're on, ask for your money back (it's gone off...)
    Seriously though....what was that again?
  6. Possibly typed in between two horrible meetings at work so not at my most elequent I'm afraid.

    Put simply.

    Wanted to put a case forward for recruiting at universities and was told it had been done before to great success nationally. Some experiences/imparting of knowledge and advice would be welcomed so as to help buoy my proposal.

    Better and clearer I hope :)
  7. The answer to your problem seems fairly simple to me.

    Forget the Fresher's stall because it's expensive and most people going there want to get free food/kitchen utensils and most probably wouldn't give the RNR as much thought as it deserves. Furthermore, a fair percentage of those interested in the RN during Fresher's week are likely to be inclined to go to the URNU stall anyway.

    Here is what I consider to be the better option...

    Get in touch with your local URNU and find out whether you can give a presentation to the third years/leavers, or better still arrange transport for them to attend one of your drill nights. This way it will be completely free of charge, you'll still be appealing to the "university types", you will be getting an intake who are fairly educated on what the RN/R is about, and also you won't be treading on anyone's toes!

    Just a thought!
  8. Alternatively contact your local RMR unit - when I was in my URNU we had the local RMR unit set up alongside us and no-one raised an eyebrow so therefore there was either some deal with the URNU staff vis fees or there was a deal with the Union likewise. I imagine that this year there will be a similar arrangement and that we can set up alongside the URNU so I see no reason why the RNR couldn't set up a-tonto in a similar fashion.
    Might be an avenue worth querying as an alternative perspective.

    (Apologies for any inanity or illogical proceedings but I've been on the drink since around 12hrs ago...)
  9. Have to back this up. From what I have seen of the various URNUs there is a tendency for them to get lots of information about the RN but little about the RNR; strangely, the only presentation on 'join the RNR' that I have seen in a year was only seen by five members of the unit who volunteered to go on an RNR training weekend. There hasn't been anything in the unit itself, although there has been lots on 'join the RN' etc.

    The irony of the situation is that few in the URNU are familiar with the RNR proper, its roles etc (given the syllabus is heavily geared to teaching about the RN, not the RNR). It's definitely a smart move to do a presentation to them. I wouldn't be unrealistic in your expectations, but you can probably get a few at least.
  10. I think recruiting at universities is a fantastic idea. I believe we would get plenty of interest, the only issue i would have is the initial outlay to actually present at the freshers fayre. If that can be reduced then i cant see anything wrong at all.

    Tagging on to the URNU is also a very good option simply because there are few places available in the URNU and those who are not selected may appreciate the opportunity to join the RNR.
  11. With the SCC we got in contact with our local URNU unit and asked them to mention us to anyone to old ugly infirm or generally unsuitable for for their service,
  12. firstly thank you all for the constructive thoughts. It is appreciated.

    Addressing the points in order: -

    Trehorn, not the unit you're probably thinking of if it's yours but if you're interested in something similar i'll happily pass over my proposal when it's finished. Also, your local URNU recruits more heavily from Hull and I don't think i've met more than one student beyond Hull/Sheffield in the URNU there.

    The URNU nearest I don't believe is recruiting at this university according to the marketing manager.

    I have managed to reduce the cost of the stall to £350-400 depending on what we want. More importantly i've tried to put together a package that starts from the fair, including best practice re: student details, optimising gizzits etc, right up to the recruitment night.

    My draft proposal will be done tomorrow, I will present that to our OiC Recruitment that evening. Will happily post the details here when/if it is approved/rejected.
  13. The question is are these the people we want to activley recruit, given that it takes approx 3 years to get people up to trained strength to be deployed. during this 3 years they are more than likely to go CW at the earliest opportunity, and who can blame them.

    We need JR's to be deployed, I can count on one hand the number of Slt that have been activley deployed at my unit, whereas we are now looking at second or third deployments for the JR's and SR.

    We obviously aren't recruiting in the right areas, for example a Military show full of sad and military wannabees that may have wanted to join has been totally ignored, but we are putting a stall at a high profile motoring event. Now you could argue that the throughput is higher at the motoring show, but are these the right people to be targetting.

    As well as university maybe 6 form and technical colleges would also benefit from a visit or at least a leaflet drop, even Sea Cadet units in the local area.

    I don't believe that you can compete with URNU units, your instantly an honorary mid and there is no chance of you being deployed, why would you join the rnr and be the lowest of the low for 3 years and risk being deployed and shot at.

    Rant over, we all know what needs to be done, we just need the tools to do it. The bigger the net the more we will catch
  14. I agree with some of your points itsamuppet however do please note, before any students panic, whilst in full time education you are non deployable.

    Which allows those three years to build up the skill set, then when in the doggy dog world of job hunting you can feasibly deploy on graduation and go some very valuable experiance for the CV (and money to keep you going whilst doing the job hunt 6months-1year later).
  15. The RNR being top-heavy has of course been discussed extensively before, and I think you are right in a sense but given the nature of trade options in the RNR this may continue to be an inevitable problem.

    I think the jibe at the average URNU entrant is a little unfair - I don't think many join the URNU for the joys of being an honorary Mid - in real terms that rank is meaningless. I think if they are offered an insight into what they can do substantively with the RNR some will be eager to pursue it (and of course some won't) - it's not an either/or, or it shouldn't be.

    And as for the deployed/shot at bit, as previously noted students can't be deployed in any event, so it makes no difference.

    What needs to be done is for URNU types to be better informed of how they can join the RNR on conclusion - at the moment they are primarily (solely in some places) pushed towards the RN route. What I think would be extremely useful would be for URNU interested parties to be invited to more RNR training weekends and events; the ones that go will be the ones who may wish to join later.

    The TA is (to my knowledge) better at this with its 'try life as a TA officer' days which it offers to the OTC. I have even heard second hand of URNU people (at another unit than mine) being invited to one and attending in numbers. If the TA is beating the RNR to potential future personnel then that surely has to be a worry, even if only a minor one.

    My rant over too :thumright:
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Why should they? There are many students who want to do something different - don't assume that just because someone is studying for a degree that they will automatically go CW. Looking a long way back to 10MCM days, I can remember a particular crew on HMS Carron where the greatest proportion of graduate and post-graduate qualifications (in terms of percentages not absolute numbers) was in the JRs mess, not the wardroom!
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    FW: I agree; I am currently studying for a Law degree (through the OU with Forces funding), for personal development and not necessarily for career promotion. Furthermore almost every one of my contemporaries here in DG are doing private education, not necessarily connected to their 'day jobs'.
  18. I think it's worth thinking about what is likely to attract students, and focus on emphasising that. In all honesty I think that the RNR in general are getting a bit wrapped round the axle on Officer numbers, there are issues in all ranks and rates; overborne at SO2 and pretty much underborne elsewhere.

    If you can offer someone somthing that will keep them interested then the only real difference as an Officer is the day rate, and yes we need to appreciate that students are going to be interested in the cash. We now have rating opportunities in most branches.

    It takes three years to get trained up, the risk is that students bail out after they graduate and we've trained them up for no return on the investment.
  19. I'd argue a return on investment through numbers on training activities, future employers with good will towards the RNR, a % that will remain in the RNR in one unit or another and most importantly the fact that a full drill deck is a massive winner for the recruitment/retention game.
  20. Sorry to bang this drum again but if you're a student thinking of joining then you are interested in the money as much as the opportunities. These days i do not see that we get the opportunities to earn the money which has the potential to make joining the RNR less attractive.

    The TA are, as i understand it, happy to allow their personnel to attend as many weekends as they like. In fact they practically encourage it!

    The RNR continue to go on about MTD's and refuse many training opportunities on those grounds. You used to be able to get a couple of weeks a year at sea doing the job you'd been training for. These days the RTC's won't pay the travel.

    I know the days of two week jollies are fading fast and there is the question of "do we really want people to be in it for the jollies" etc etc? But the long and short of it is that was one of our recruiting strong points. By taking it away you are taking away one of the biggest draws of the RNR.

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