I haven't seen any recent recruitment timelines on here (Probably looking at the wrong places lol). Anyways, here's a new thread and I'm proper nosy. I want to know what your timeline is like beginning from the time you made your online application.

Here's mine so far;

Made and Sent Online Application: 22nd August 2018

Recruitment Test: 12th September (Received medical history packet after, filled it out and sent it the next day along with my eye test)

Medical Triage:
Phone Call: 25th September
(Request of further info from Capita to my G.P. on the 25th of September)
(4th December Info Received and Reviewed)
Face-Face Medical: 17th December PASSED

Selection Interview:
8th January 2019 PASSED

Fitness Test:
22nd January 2019 PASSED (1st Attempt)

Security Checks:

25TH MARCH 2019

Raleigh: 28TH APRIL 2019

Will update things as I move along. So far it was my medicals that really dragged my application, even after following up with my GP (More than one occasion and had to print the documents from capita and handed it over to them, myself twice before they started moving their asses :rolleyes:)
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