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Can anyone tell please give me a rough timescale between passing the PFJT and the AIB for an aircrew cadet?

(I know there's the 'small' matter of the SIFT interview and FATs as well :))

Reason for asking is that I have several decisions to make in the next couple of months which have ££ implications so it would be nice to know if I can delay them sufficient long enough so not to spend too many ££ unnecessarily.
ah if only it were a bribe - unfortuantely it involves some serious money so any info would be much appreciated.
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Depending on where you are in the country, after PJFT I would expect you to be Sifted within the month. Then your paperwork goes to AIB who arrange FATS and the AIB itself. FATS could be 4-6 weeks after that, with AIB following after another 4-12 weeks later. It does also depend on what time of year it is for AIB (Jun-Jul heavy on RM candidates, Sep - Nov on Scholars and Bursars, with 3 weeks leave in Aug).
Whilst the aircrew tap is back on, competition will be fierce and your attendance at AIB is dependent on FATS - you may not pass for what you want, or perhaps not pass at all - consider these options and think about what you would go for as an alternative.

If you are unavailable for FATS or AIB at certain times, make sure you let your ACLO know, then AIB can be pre-warned and deconflict if possible. This would be fairly normal for those taking A levels or University Finals.
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