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Opinions or experience, how long does it take from the start of the application process, to being recruited and starting your 8 month training as a Royal Marine Commando, assuming all goes well and smooth.

I've been told that you can also only be recruited at certain times of the year or something?

Can someone shed some light please =]



18 months? ouch i thought it was more like 6 months, max.

Dont wanna bum around getting fit doing the odd test for 18 months!
Best check with your AFCO. I have no idea about the RM but in the RN it is totally dependant on which branch you go for. I have approximately 12 months to wait but some branches have a much shorter waiting time.
Tailz, welcome aboard, as Kiwi Fi says contact your AFCO for the gen or Ninja Stoker (An undercover RN recruiter, who lurks in these parts) will be along soon.
I doubt that, despite Sara's unhelpful remarks, you will be waiting 18 months if you meet all the requirements.
Crack on with the fitness, time flies when your having fun.


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It varies greatly but 4 months is about right assuming everything is passed first time, without undue delay such as medical deferrals etc.

You will get a definite yes/no at each stage of the process, for example, if you fail the Recruiting Test, it's a "No" at that stage- you can go no further. Likewise at interview, medical, PJFT & PRMC.

To give you an idea (bearing in mind it varies from AFCO to AFCO & time of year):

Submitting Application forms to Recruiting Test - typically about 2 to 3 weeks
Passing test to interview- typically within two weeks
Passing Interview to Medical- up to 2 weeks (ish)
Passing Medical to PJFT - up to 28 days
Passing PJFT to PRMC- usually 28 days
Passing PRMC to entry- usually between 4 to 8 weeks

Again, it is quite unusual for someone to 100% ready to attend PRMC from the outset - the "wake-up call" usually happens after you pass medical & if you have the luxury of attending a Royal Marines Acquaint Day before you request to attend a PRMC.


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I wasn't trying to be unhelpful, must just have an inherent ability. What I was trying to say is that you should prepare yourself for a long wait.
It's taken me 2 years to get a place at BRNC... maybe that's because I'm not up there with the potential-RN elite though.

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