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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by redwolf18blue, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. Hey, Iv come back from the wonderful HMS FLYING FOX open day, It was really good and really informative and they have completely put my fears to rest about being a single parent in the RNR. I have my application form and i am all ready to start filling it in. I hadnt really taken much notice of the Recruitment Test till now. Iv looked at the example booklet online and i really think this is whats gonna stop me getting into the RNR. I am so bad at maths its unreal, and iv been reading online that there is 30 questions per each test and they all have a time limit of about 10 minutes is this right? if it is right then is there a pass rate for the Recruitment Test. And is it a case of if you fail then thats it? if the worst comes to the worst i will literally have to study maths until im likely too pass but if you only get one chance or even two then im gonna have to do that before. Is there a certain pass rate for each branch or is it a general pass rate.

  2. Hi redwolf, others on here are more knowledgeable and helpful but here is my advice.

    Your recruit test pass mark depends on what branch and job you have applied for, the minimum you need to score is 50% overall and 10/30 on maths and literacy. The best advice I can give you is make sure you learn shortcuts for multiplication, adding and subtraction. LEARN THE SHORTCUTS. The example booklet is a good guide to the type of questions but I found the test much harder then the example booklet. The hardest thing about the RT is the time constraints, given a minute a question you would probably get nearly every question correct so make sure you practice against time and try to understand the question first time reading it. Spend too much time Figuring out the question instead of the answer will cost you marks, some sections are 9 minutes and mechanical comprehension is 10, you get five possible answers for the first three sections and four possibles for the mechanical stuff so guess and you have a 20% chance and a 25% on the mechanical. I sat my test a month and a half ago and it was harder then what I expected so make sure you learn the shortcuts. Good luck.

    P.S - Try to be confident on the day of the test, anxiety won't help.
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  3. Hey, I sat the RT last year- I was really worried about the maths as well but if you prepare a bit you should be fine :) The key is learning to answer things really quickly and confidently, and as Grimes said; get comfortable using the shortcuts. I used 'brain training' on the DS and when doing practice tests online etc I made sure to time myself.

    There are a few threads on here if you search 'RT' that are really helpful and have a lot of tips for preparing and what to expect on the day :) all the best!
  4. Oh god thats made me feel even worse >__< on the test booklet on the website i only got one question wrong out of the 8 on Reasoning and Verbal, but i completely and utterly failed on mechanical comprehension and poorly on maths. Is it 30 questions per test subject? so 30 for Reasoning 30 for Verbal 30 for Numeracy and 30 for mechanical com? Because 30 questions in ten minutes im gonna struggle with. I'll have to look up some of the books that iv seen that can help, but my hopes arnt high.
  5. Don't panic! I thought a spanner was a screw driver until not long ago but somehow managed to get a good score on the mechanical section haha. Revising under timed conditions just gets you used to being confidently able to answer in the times you face on the day. Not sure what scores are required, but if you try not to think about that too much and just do the best you can and aim as high as possible and you will be set. A tip for the day is to answer all the questions you can, and any you are unsure of go back to at the end if you have time- no need wasting time on one you are not sure of so may not get right and miss out on answering questions you might get right.
  6. Don't worry about failing just revise and concentrate on passing.

    yes 30 questions for the four subjects to equal 120, aim to score 60 or above in your test, you must get 10/30 and 10/30 for maths and literacy or it's a fail.
    Some maths questions are easy and some are difficult, for example you get number sequences like 1,5,9, blank, 17, 21 and some you'll get 46*93.

    Revise on these areas for maths:

    Fractions (adding and multiplying)
    Number sequences (fair few of these but they're pretty easy)
    Decimals (significant figures and decimal places)
    Perimeters and areas

    Learn the shortcuts for adding, subtraction, division and multiplication and the rest on the list will come from revision.

    The mechanical comprehension is the hardest section, unless you did physics or engineering at college/university it is hard to revise for this section. Search up electrical circuits (symbols for bulbs, battery, resistor etc) and wires (eg earth wire is green/yellow). Most is logic and you can eliminate one, two or even three answers.

    Hope all goes well and remember you only need to score 10/30 for your maths, which you'll get four or five from number sequences... So don't worry about it.
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  7. I'll second Rachel's point about answering all the questions, if you miss out five answers out on maths for example you'll then need to score 10/25.
  8. Does it make a difference to what branch i want to be in? i want to be seaman, nothing technical im just dying to get myself on one of those ships and i would be happy to be the lowliest Navy member ever! I will definitely try to revise. Im reading they give you a practice booklet? is that a actual 30 question per test booklet? because online was just 8 questions per section. At least its multiple choice i sopose otherwise i wouldnt stand a chance!

    Thanks for the info
  9. The booklet they send through the post is the some one as the online one, I don't know about particular scores for particular branches.
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Try the GCSE bitsize maths pages. They take you through the process of how to do long division, long multiplication etc step by step and is pretty useful.
  12. Good idea, some of the questions are as difficult as GCSE question just you don't have the same amount of time.
  13. As others have said - Practice. Revise and DONT PANIC!

    We had a girl last week who nearly pulled out of doing the test she was so worried about failing. I convinced her she could do it and she came out with the highest score out of 11.

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
    6 P's. Proper Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance.

    Good look.

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