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I originaly joined up in 2000 and PVR'ed. Joined back up in 2003 and I didn't have to resit any tests so unless its all changed in the last 6 years...


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The recruiting test must have been taken within 3 years of actually starting training.

A fully trained & current re-entrant does not need to re-sit the test if joining the same trade. All others must re-sit if 3 years will have elapsed before entering service.

Haven't got a clue why its validity expires,


Lantern Swinger
Thank you all!

Have had a difficult choice to make! Passed a law module resit that would allow me to go on and train as a solicitor. So after failing to reach the officer score had to decide between the Navy and a career in law. Decided to take my LPC (legal practise course) in the hope i can secure a training contract after it. But with the way things are in general within the job market and more specifically the law side, i'm not hopefully of getting anything. So I my end up joining after all. It was a difficult decision to make as i have wanted to join since I was 16, but decide to study for a-levels and a degree.

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