Recruitment test sit ups

Stupid question most likely, but will your feet be held down whilst doing them? i normally do sit ups with my feet held down or under something, i have started to train without and am finding it much more awkward.
40 push ups, piece of pish, if you can't do 40 push ups, what the **** are you doing considering joining the military really?

Not aimed at you specifically b2b, but I grow tired of the amount of layabout shtcocks I have to endure every day who wouldn't be able to lift a small child up a ladder and through a hatch, let alone one of their oppos.
Joe12345 said:
Black2Blue said:
I am more worried about these to be honest!

They don't even have their elbows tucked in. :roll:
That's because they're matelots doing correct press-ups in accordance with RN / RAF guidelines, it isn't necessary for the RN to keep elbows close to the sides.

Again, are you even in?

Edited for some truly horrendous aled up spelling

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