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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JockJack, Jan 13, 2016.

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  1. Hello! I just had my recruitment test this morning, I applied for the role as Aircrewman and sadly I failed. I managed to pass the Reasoning and Mechanical Comprehension parts of the test however I failed literacy and since i'm absolutely shite at Math I failed the numeracy (And wouldn't you know it Aircrewman has a lot of Maths work ;) ) Anyway! My question is that, I am retaking the test in 4 months time and I am looking for some help as to what roles I should set my sights on as well as how to improve on things that are in the numeracy test?

    I've had more roles such as the Warfare side in mine, these include:
    Warfare Specialist
    Warfare Specialist (Submarines)
    Seaman Specialist
    Mine Warfare Specialist

    Are these wise roles to aim for or should I again rethink my strategy?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's a matter of perspective.

    If you failed the recruit test literacy & numeracy sections for aircrewman, then if you pass on a re-take, you have to consider how you will cope with the flying aptitude tests (FATs) and the quick-fire speed, time, distance mental arithmetic questions. Maths is vital in the role, pivotal in fact.

    Whilst not suggesting you should give-up, it's worth being aware from the outset that 90% of applicants fail FATs. Of that 10%, only half pass the medical stage. In addition, those who pass selection, but are not good, strong swimmers, will find they will struggle during training also.

    In my experience, truly viable applicants absolutely breeze the initial recruit test.

    If you are re-taking the test, does that mean you failed for all branches? If so, that means you scored under 10/30 in literacy & numeracy. If you passed for the specialist roles you have listed, then you may be in with a shout, but otherwise it's time to re-appraise your realistic aspirations.

    There is bucket-loads of info on the listed alternative specialisations available on the site but be aware that if you think Sea Specs drive fast boats all day, you'll be bitterly disappointed before you even complete training.

    Best o'luck.
  3. I firstly applied for aircrewman as it seems an ideal job for me and failed the recruitment test. After reading up more about the role i realised theres so many exams to do during phase 2 i decided that it wouldnt be right for me so ive changed to AET n got my prnc next month! Just litro get your head stuck into gcse bitesize maths and english questions, also buy a psychometric book online they're decent!
  4. Cheers for the fast replies lads!

    The AFCO that was with a CPO said he saw me doing a tole such as Survival equipment Naval Airman, ive looked at that and it doesn't appeal to me, however the roles ive looked at certinley interest me. The other AFCO told me afterwards that the Aircrewman role is very dependent on maths! He mentioned how hard the FAT's were and just how excruciating the math tests were. Had of known all this I would have set my goals lower and more realistic. Obviously maths isn't my strongest area, so its something to work on and improve upon.

    Cheers again!
  5. Hi I have taken my RT test October 2016 applying as a chef but the time was so drastic I did not get to finish all..however I was told it was just 8 more marks I needed..I was so disappointed because I knew I left out so many questions..the career advisor told me that I will be retaking the test in January 2017 which is right around the corner..can anyone tell me if the retaking of the test will be the same as the first one or is it a completely different test?
  6. work hard and say you are interested in submariner Chef, but be prepared for the woooosh as you arrive at Raleigh main gate
  7. @Ninja_Stoker has recently said that there are three different tests at the AFCOs disposal. You will get one of the two remaining ones I would guess.
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  8. As an aspiring Aircrewman awaiting my aircrew med. FAT's I found are hard. Real hard. No two ways about it. BUT...if you spend time improving on your mental maths...for example, I found it helped twice a month sitting down for an hour, with someone rather better at maths than me, to go through basics as if I was preparing for an it one where you don't have a clue what will come up. I also spent 10-15 mins after work doing online mental arithmatic...and believe it or not, I passed the FAT's.
  9. @Ninja_Stoker is it possible to retake a rt whilst in phase one training?

  10. In the absence of Ninja Stoker. No, it is not possible to retake the RT in phase 1 training.
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  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He doesn't like people shouting at him. :cool:
  12. or pigeons
  13. why do you want to retake?
  14. I would imagine to branch transfer before phase 2. But I'm pretty certain once you're in Phase 1 your RT score is permanent and you can't retake?
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There is a rumour that Drakey knows what he is talking about. :cool:
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  16. It is just a rumour though ;)
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  17. :p
    don't tell Drakey, it will just go to his head :D
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  18. I was wondering if the op has had a rush of brain power to score a better result? Or he was asleep at his first test?

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