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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rolling-stone, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    New to the forums, though have been reading them for a good few months now, thought i'd get off my arse and make an account.

    I've got my recruitment test on the 1st June, i'm all confident for the test and am practicing already, i was just wondering, on the day of the test what else will happen? E.g. I sit the test, pass (hopefully!!), will i then have a chat with one of the staff there at all? Or will i just be told how i got on, then leave and wait to hear about when my interview will be. How many other people (roughly) will be there?

    Also, on my original application form, i put my job down as CIS SM, i've now decided i don't want to join the submariners and would rather be on ships, i hope this wont be a major problem?

    I know it's not really possible to change jobs once in, but i've heard rumours of it is possible to change from working on ships, to submarines instead later on in my career.. Is this really the case?
  2. usually after the test you have a chat about how you did then if you've passed you go straight for your medical
  3. After i passed my RT. He sat down and told me i had passed then got a diary out and booked me in for a medical for about 3 weeks away. Now i have my medical tomorrow.

    Also you can change your job choice as long as you just let your careers advisor know, he will sort it out for you. No big deal.

    Good luck
  4. good luck with the medical, when he says cough dont say ' dont i pay you now' !
  5. i did my RT then had a mini interview afterwards where the CO went through my options on what trades were open to me. He then booked me in for my medical.

    good luck :)
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, ive decided I want to go for comms tech 100% now, so im just trying to read into trade as much as I can incase he asks me what I know about the branch etc, though info seems to be limited on it!

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