Recruitment test for the 3rd time?? Anyone else??

Hay people

I took my recruitment test first time round about 4 years back wanting to join as aircraft handler.. I failed it badly!!!
Ever since I tried to forget about joining the navy but it never went away...
So I re applyed last year and by having advise from a friend of mine who is in the RAF he said you need to prepair and study study!!!

I did this for over 2 months, got every book on physcometric tests I could find
and I revised full time 7 days a week until day of test..

On the day of test I was sure I was going to pass it...but my score was only good enough for seaman specialist, Warfair, or Marines!!! My exam score was only about 4 away from aircraft handler <gutted>
I then decided to go for seaman specialist, but when it came to interview day I had the eye test and I could not belive my luck that you need to have vision of VA2 when mine was VA3!!!

I then went down the laser surgery route but then I read on that laser surgery form you cant have the latest surgery done to gain entry...something like you can have lasik but not lasik with the flap..
cant remember what they where called but the surgeon said he was not willing to do the surgery because I was able to have the best surgery done but the navy would not let me have this type done <Someone please correct me if I am wrong or if this has changed??>

I then today phoned my AFCO today and asked if there was any chance I could re take the recruitment test again and they said they would put a case forward if I am willing to do some kind of maths and english course, to their commanding officer but I can not guarantee you will be able to take it again.
I was told they will let me know in a weeks time if they will allow it or not.

So has anyone else taken the recruit test for a 3rd time or has any one been through the same problems as me???
Had a phone call off my AFCO, they said they are willing to let me re sit the RT YIPPEE thumright as long as I provide some kind of qualification... Going to go back to collage and do a short maths and english do a load of practice tests again!!!! I am really excited!!!!!! :)

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