Recruitment test for the 3rd time?? Anyone else??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by monty_trials, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Hay people

    I took my recruitment test first time round about 4 years back wanting to join as aircraft handler.. I failed it badly!!!
    Ever since I tried to forget about joining the navy but it never went away...
    So I re applied last year and by having advise from a friend of mine who is in the RAF he said you need to prepare and study study!!!

    I did this for over 2 months, got every book on physcometric tests I could find
    and I revised full time 7 days a week until day of test..

    On the day of test I was sure I was going to pass it...but my score was only good enough for seaman specialist, Warfare, or Marines!!! My exam score was only about 4 away from aircraft handler <gutted>
    I then decided to go for seaman specialist, but when it came to interview day I had the eye test and I could not believe my luck that you need to have vision of VA2 when mine was VA3!!!

    I then went down the laser surgery route but then I read on that laser surgery form you cant have the latest surgery done to gain entry...something like you can have lasik but not lasik with the flap..
    cant remember what they where called but the surgeon said he was not willing to do the surgery because I was able to have the best surgery done but the navy would not let me have this type done <Someone please correct me if I am wrong or if this has changed??>

    I then today phoned my AFCO today and asked if there was any chance I could re take the recruitment test again and they said they would put a case forward if I am willing to do some kind of maths and english course, to their commanding officer but I can not guarantee you will be able to take it again.
    I was told they will let me know in a weeks time if they will allow it or not.

    So has anyone else taken the recruit test for a 3rd time or has any one been through the same problems as me???
  2. sorry mate carnt helpyou but culdnt just wear glasees
  3. If only...if only... Would make more sense woulnt it!!! :(
  4. Sorry, the bit above isn't too clear cut, your surgeon wasn't willing to do the surgery because I was able to have the best surgery done?

    Well anyway, regarding laser eye surgery...

    LASEK (which I've had) is an accepted form of surgery, a very thin layer of cells are taken from the surface, lasered then the thin layer reattaches again, almost as if you grow 'fresh cells' on the eye.
    This takes around 10-16 days to regain full vision again with vision being quite clouded 3-10 days post surgery.

    LASIK isn't accepted, this is mainly due to the type of procedure used during surgery, in LASIK a flap is cut in the cornea (they cut much deeper than in LASEK), lifted then the laser reshapes the tissue beneath with the flap being repositioned on top. Healing is much quicker and not so much of a problem if you lead a quiet lifestyle, for example, contact sports aren't recommended as there's chance of the flap becoming dislodged should the worst happen.

    Hope this is some help.
  5. Ye that sound right, but the surgeon said its a better surgery to have it done with the flap, said something about there would be more of a chance having better vision, and that the one that you had is a older method..

    Does that sound right??
  6. Nope.

    The older method is PRK which is dying out a great deal, takes much longer than LASEK and LASIK to recover from too. I can guarentee you now he was talking about PRK as the older method to use.

    The most recent is LASEK and LASIK, that's all he advice I can offer really. 18 months after I've had it done, I don't mean to be a 'know it all' but I've read a lot into it and know a fair bit about it but I just like to offer advice from my previous experiences regarding eye surgry as it seems to be a regular topic on this board.
  7. I'm not in the same situation as you but I understand how disappointing it can be to keep being prevented from doing the job you want. I'm CP4 colour vision so can't do anything to do with aviation or warfare, that just life I suppose.

    Don't give up, if thats what you want to do then keep trying.
  8. Only thing I am doing now is waiting until next week to see if they will let me take the aptitude test for a 3rd time.. Even tho you only have 2 attempts, has anyone ever taken or know of anyone who has taken it for a 3rd time??
  9. I think he said he would prefere me to have the one with the flap and the wavefront... But like you said it would be ok for somone who does no contact for me I box so I nearly said no but the surgeon still said I should have the lasik, which was with the flap...
    So I still dunno if I should have it done??!!??
  10. I had the "one with the flap" done back in April last year.

    Get the best version you can - no point counting pennies when it comes to health/eyesight. It was the latest method whereby the 'flap' is made by a laser rather than a little hand held surgical tool.

    Procedure over in 15 mins. Went home, popped a paracetamol, woke up next morning with 6/6 vision in both eyes.

    Pusser thought it was fine and am now one HM's finest weekend warriors lol.

    Avoid contact sports (including cricket and anything else that might have sometheing accidentally end up in your eye) for a month, and bobs your uncle.

    Check with AFCO and Doc, but the one i did was bells and whistles, with Wavefront etc and I got through selection no problem at all....

  11. Sounds like the one i was going to have...I thought you could not have the one with the flap??
    how come you managed to gain entry? cos on that laser for it says you can not have that type done and would be a bar from entry????
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As correctly stated by your AFCO, you are only permitted to re-sit a third recruiting test if you can prove you have taken full-time further education, since last sitting the Recruiting Test & the area Recruiting manager gives written consent.

    Generally speaking, it is possible to pass the recruiting test on a third attempt, but it doesn't happen often to be honest.

    For medical advice regarding eye surgery, read the medical guidance notes in the stickies section.

    Good luck.
  13. Hey mate i failed my RT test first time, went home in dissapointment but determined not to give in. I wasn' any good at maths or engilish so i got a tutor and went on maths and english course for a year. Also I got myself some phyometric test books which were really worth buying. I went back and passed the test. Don't give in mate. good luck
  14. Thanks...I am pretty sure I will pass it if I take it again...I did study for it the 2nd time round and I was so close...Now that I am about too do a course my self and do even more practice tests etc...

    But I am not sure if they are going to let me take it a 3rd time. My AFCO said they will let me know possibly this friday
    If they say no I might wright them a letter begging them lol
  15. Best of luck, however your English needs working on. Courses at lower levels are normally free of charge, I suggest you check out your local college of knowledge.
  16. All depends what the AFCO says tomorrow... They might not let me take it for a 3rd time!!! I have not seen or heard anyone taking it for a 3rd time either...I have not been able to sleep well last few days hoping they are going to let me have another attempt!!
  17. I phoned my AFCO today to see if they had made a decision on weather I could take the exam again, they said it was still pending, and that they would phone me on wednesday to let me know

    They did say that they would only consider it if I had any evidence of further some kind of maths and english ceirtificate/qualification

    Does anyone think I should wright a letter to my AFCO saying I am more than willing to do a course and I would be greatfull if they could let me take it again...As I would study for this test on a full time basis etc,,,<which I would>

    Or would that not help my situation?
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The AFCO will usually require evidence you have taken a course in education rather than your stated intent to take one if they let you re-sit the test.

    People do occasionally get the opportunity for a 3rd re-sit, but there's little point, quite frankly, if you have not improved your overall maths & English ability through formal tuition first.

    Good luck.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Any chance this thread could be merged with this one? Same query, same poster, different answers... 8O
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd love to, but once again I'm thwarted as I can't merge to another forum.


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