Recruitment Test and Weapon Engineer!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ripper, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello, i am new to the forum and i would like to know a bit of info about the royal navy and the tests that are involved. I did the recruitment test in april and i didn't get a job offered :( I can re-take the test again but they told me that i can only re-take it one more time :( Is there any reason for this? Also, my 1st choice is to be a AET but i am considering putting weapon engineer as a 2nd option. What is this role like and is it any good? What is the pass mark for this job?

  2. hey i went for AET but didnt get it so got offered weapon engineer which i think is much more suitable for me. im guessing that you only get a second time to do it because they dont want to waste their time if you dont have what it takes to get in?! the pass mark is somewhere on the forum and there is a 10/12 month waiting time for WE. hope this helps.
  3. really? I have always wanted to be in the RN and to be pushed back would be devastating! I am very confused because they said that i passed the test for the RM but i didn't for the RN! Why would i be wasting their time? i am very confused!

  4. ET(WE)

    I think the pass mark is 65.
  5. well the recruitment is the same for the rn and rm. same company sort of thing. i mean its only a guess i dont actually no. im sure someone will come along and tell you.

    but i did my RT couple of months ago and they said the wait is 10/12 months. but i saw it as something i really wanted to do so 10/12 months wait for something for the rest of my life has gotta be worth the wait. :D
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you wish to know the scores required for each trade you may now download the Naval Personnel Management Book of Reference (BR3) from the RN Website.

    The bit you need is Chapter 5, part 4, Summary of Entry Standards. Although it is beyond me why knowing the pass mark would make anyone better prepared to achieve it.

    The reason you can only sit the Recruiting Test twice is because there are only 3 versions. The 3rd version is held in reserve. Otherwise if we kept giving the same test to the same person, even the terminally stupid would eventually pass - much the same as a whoop of baboons, given time & a typewriter, would recreate the entire works of Bill Shakespeare eventually.

    My guess is, (certain aircrew trades excluded), baboons would still be intellectually incapable of completing phase two trade training, in the short term.
  7. Thanks for all the comments! So why do some people have the opportunity of taking the test 3-4 times then?have you got any advice on how it would be easier to pass the test? I am desperate to get in and would love some help!

  8. My advice would be to practice. Just type psychometric tests into google and you'll get loads of sites with practice papers. Time yourself doing them.

    Not rocket science, especially if you have already done it!

    Look at what you found most difficult first time round, and try to improve it. (eg. if you did badly in the MC ones, learn a bit of basic physics/technology, if you did badly in the maths practice basic maths etc)
  9. They didn't tell me what i did bad on! They only said that i didn't pass the test! I didn't pass because i wasn't fast enough. i only answered half the questions on each section!
  10. Then go and practice each type of test and time yourself each time!! Plus, you should know yourself how you felt each section went!
  11. Isn't it 20 months now?
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    They don't, unless many years have passed & we have moved-on to a new batch of different tests.

    Those sitting the test are given a practice test booklet, whether they bother to use it is up to them, but the consequence is a long wait for a re-sit, during which time it's probably advisable to revise - there's no other 'easier' way to pass - you either practice or fail

    In the FAQ sticky, I've made a post which may help;

  13. i strongly advise revisin the book the navy give you i went and bought a psycometric test book of amazon and it was completley differnt questions to what i got on my test.
  14. I have had one prominent Psychometric test book that I could only ever seem to get 80% right. Turns out (and I'm not the first to notice) that a good number of the questions were incorrect, answers were completely wrong in the answer section. So be wary ;)
  15. so what would you all reccomend me to do? Buy books or just do that navy booklet i have done about 5 times?

  16. just do the navy booklet there the questions you will get asked on the day
  17. I have the same book i think, lol.
  18. I don't like the navy booklet because they're isn't enough questions in it. Only 8 per section? I was getting 7 out of 8 and thought it was pretty easy but when i did the real test it was much harder!!

  19. yer but there the type of questions you are going to get asked
  20. You have been given ALL the advice you need, Ninja is an RN recruiter so knows what he is talking about, stop bleating and get revising.

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