Recruitment & retention of medics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NozzyNozzer, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. There is a piece in the health section of today's Times discussing the dilemmas facing serving clinicians in the British armed services including the issue of ethics following Kendall-Smith's courts-martial and remuneration in proportion to risk.
    [align=center]Tough times for moral medics[/align]
  2. no probs for rnr we only have a few surgens left and no actual medic branch anymore ( for the moment!!).
  3. I don't think that this Flt Lt is a particularly good example of a Service doctor to serve up as a reason to join or leave. He is obviously not suited for Service life, but I'm not sure that prison was the best answer. A nice, quiet, "Thanks for trying" and discharge would have been a far better approach.

    He isn't among the ranks who bleat about poor pay, though, he hadn't reached that level of qualification or practice. If the Times article is to be taken seriously in reference to poor pay, it hasn't checked on how many doctors leave because of it. Lots bleat and sabre-rattle, but most see out their commissions regardless!

    UK doctors should look to most of our European partners and what their doctors are paid in relation to themselves and thank the Lord that the British public hasn't wised up to their excessive demands before this!
  4. This guy sounds like a bit of a tool, fancy joining the military where I imagine he thought he would minister to sick and wounded troops only to refuse to go into action. Better off out and an example to others. Honestly, the mind boggles sometimes. Fcuk it mate, you just stay at home and let your boys bleed to death in Iraq whilst you have a nice cup of tea and chat up some nurses......
  5. Oh B*GGER, here we are agreeing again, please get back to the non pc stuff we all love so much.

  6. My problem in life Peter is seeing most things in black and white so I must agree with some of the people some of the time, however it is damn good fun sometimes when my point of view is less appreciated.. Just like bantering in the mess square at stand easy, love it!
  7. On the other hand being digital in a world that is fundamentally analogue can get just the occasional person/moderators abck up.

  8. Wow,man thats deep,real deep! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. I thought for a wonderful moment you were discussing hifi's. There analogue definately beats digital hands down - at a price. Black vinyl pancakes placed gently, after cleaning, on a thick acrylic turntable... the sound is sheer bliss.

    With Lingyai I think the problem is rather the reverse Peter: Lingy represent the old analogue Navy whilst the Mods represent the new digital Navy!
  10. That's the second time in 24hrs that someone has called me lingy...... Not sure if I should consider that a compliment or not, does sound pretty cuddly though, just like me 8)

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