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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by comrade-max, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. I applied for Warfare Officer last year but was turned down on grounds of eyesight (I wear glasses but apparantly the army will accept me in a behind the lines officer job) i was wondering whether it was the warfare officer position that was the problem or does the eyesight rule apply across the service.
  2. Probably the warfare officer position.

    If you search this site you'll find similar eyesight threads and a link to the actual document listing eyesight standards for all branches.

    Be very careful about laser treatment - you may ruin your chances forever!
  3. You can almost certainly join as an engineer, I know of several (with glasses etc. ) who have.
  4. depends, even with glasses there is a minimum vision.

    if you have glasses the size of the bottom of beer bottles because you're as blind as a bat, theres nothing front line you can do really.

    if you're on active duty, you cant be overly relient on glasses or vision correction.
    the enemy dont run up and tickle you with feathers.
    if you get punched square between the eyes and your glasses break, your royally fucked *********** if you cant see 4 foot in front of you.

    you vision should be 6/60 in each eye for bare minimum scrape through.

    you'll not be anything that involves good vision unless your eyes are around 6/12 or better.
    stuff like sniper coz you need to see what your firing at, landing craft or pilot need to be able to see enemy on the horizon, not when they wave to you from 2 metres away.
  5. I'm short sighted, i can see objects about 400 feet infront of me, i just cant see detail, i.e writing. (so if the enemy is attacking me with a really 400 foot long poking stick im fcuked).

    If i went in as an engineer or logistical officer would it affect my promotion prospects?
  6. Max,

    the eyesight requirements are less for Engineers and Logisiticians because they do not have to keep Bridge Watches. Your promotion chances are pretty much the same and in some cases are better. Besides, who wants to spend hour after hour after hour on the Bridge? The Logs branch used to be the hardest to get into as an officer but I'm not sure if that is still the case. At least with Logs and Engs you have a career you can take outside quite easily (God forbid you would ever want to).

    I standby for the barracking from fish-heads who now earn a fortune in the real world!
  7. are the requirements different for the submarine service
  8. I still think you need perfect eyesight for Subs as you would still be watchkeeping. I do know of several serving Warfare Officers who wear glasses - I imagine their eyesight has changed since they joined -so why don't you seek some advice from AFCO? Things might have changed.
  9. i'll probably do that.

    if i apply again, will they be able to get my previous eyesight details or will i have to go through the testing again

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