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Apologies if this is quite a long post but I've got a few questions I need answering.
I'm definitely keen to join the RN, and I'm pretty set on Warfare Officer.
Sadly I used to be an asthmatic so Im going to have to wait three more years before joining. My original plan was to take a year out for travel and then go to university and join then.
However, I'm recently starting to have my doubts about Uni, with the fees being what they are, and not necessarily needing a degree for the role I want, I'm not sure if it's worth going and having all of that debt, or taking a couple of years to work or travel more.

What I would like to know though is:
I know that if you start as a non-graduate you start as a mid-shipman and on a lower paybracket than if you were starting as a graduate. Is this really a problem? Is it possible to quickly catch up and also would I be at a disadvantage not having a degree when it came to promotions in the future.

I'm really set on the navy and would love to know what you guys think.


Hopefully someone will come along in a bit with the official link but the pay is the same now for grads and non-grads, pretty sure it was earlier this year it was implemented. As for uni its a tough choice, i went although strictly i didnt need to for what i wanted to do; but i dont regret it at all, the experience was amazing and i had the chance to do things i probably wouldnt have otherwise. I was lucky and secured a good job whilst at uni and so money wasnt a huge issue bar the debts you accrue. Whatever your decision all the best :) also without sounding pessimistic as you will be waiting for years it might be wise to have a 'plan b' just in case?
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