recruitment process timeline

I have my RT in 2 weeks and fingers crossed if all goes to plan and I pass what is the usual time line for the rest of the recruitment process? ive been told its usually 4-6 months by the AFCO but just wanted to double check.



I'm waiting for my dates for my PRNC and Raleigh. Applied in April so it's took 4 month to pass everything and get to this stage, then it just depends on the wait for your chosen job.
i'd say its entirely dependent on the needs of the service and the intakes for the role you're applying for :) taken me around 2 years from walking into the careers office to having a start date :
I meant from initial application.

Thanks, I'm applying as a writer so I've been told there is a 14 month wait for that position (I'm assuming that includes recruitment and isn't added on top of the 14 months wait I'm expecting)
Hopefully it will, any advice I can be given for the RT, it's in a week and a half, I know there are threads re this but always helpful to get as much info as poss, mechanical comprehension is my weak point
Just do the best you can, if you get stuck on a question, dont stay on it too long as you may miss out on other marks. If you have time at the end, go back to those questions you have missed and if all else fails, have a guess :) 1 in 4 chance of being correct.
If you did alright in your gcse's you'll probably be fine. As for mechanical comprehension, revise force and leverage, how cogs work etc. I'd never done anything like that before and passed fine with a bit of revision and common sense.
Also, Re: your original question about time taken to join...
After your psychometric test, it should be either your formal interview if you haven't done it yet, or your health test.
I'd imagine it varies slightly depending on where you live, as the health test isn't held at the Careers office, they booked me in to a private doctors. Was around a month after my exam.


The mechanical comprehension boils down to common sense really, which way the cogs turn, balancing scales etc. Maths is a bit tricky so I'd brush up on fractions, multiplying brackets etc. Good luck!
took me just over 4 months to pass all of the tests and I was deferred for 2 months so really it only should have took me 2 months. Sat my RT April 30th and got my entry date 1st September.
Took me about 4 months to pass everything. I then waited a further 6months (march2014) too get my joining date 11months later (feb2015) which is not that bad as I got told it was a 3 year waiting list!
Passed the RT on the 24th! Wooo! Lol! Gotta lose a bit of weight 1st then go back and have my interview! Got told at the RT that the wait for writer has gone from 14 months to just 6 months so if all goes to plan I'll be in for April 2015
Woo well done you! Aww that's awsome if it's gone down, worst bit for me has been the waiting feels like it's been forever! yeah got that few months ago it's 4 weeks away now. So nervous haha, 10th November :)
Not yet, did my security clearance questionnaire the day after, waiting for that all to go through. Then it's just waiting! Shouldn't be too long, my AFCO reckons about march time

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Thank you :) rather proud of myself considering I was the only female and the oldest at 34 lol

Waiting is awful......but as they say....good things come to those who wait lol! 10th nov is so close, it'll be here before you know it ;-) what branch are you joining?

Oh I forgot about security clearance! Durr! Quite an important aspect!!!!! March will come round soon enough too!