Recruitment Post SDSR 2010 (Merged Threads)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 94seldCO, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Defence Review

    Dear God this aint very good,
    Im supoposed to be joining as a MA in Feb 2012 and that was confirmed last tuesday by my AFCO and i was told not to worry about the cuts as it shouldn't affect me as i have been on the waiting list for a fair while now and my waiting time shouldnt increase!

    But with the defence review coming out into the media stream what will happen now as there are going to be 5000 personel being cut? :S

    Im aware of HMS Raleigh having NO intakes for 6ish months but now these other cuts have been made will the waiting lists go up again???

    Any help will be grateful :D :D cheers :S :S :(
  2. Re: Defence Review

    Try any of the other 20 odd threads on this subject or ring your AFCO (although they won't be able to tell you much seeing as the SDSR only came out yesterday!)
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Defence Review

    Until we are advised otherwise, recruiting continues as previously advised.

    We can all speculate but little would be gained in doing so & it's appreciated those yet to join are worried- much the same as those actually serving are worried likewise.

    Recruiting targets this year & next have already been reduced to approx 1000 intakes, prior to the SDSR, so unless told otherwise: "Stay Calm & Carry On".
  4. Re: Defence Review

    It's really bad. I have just spoken to my Afco this morning. Looks like Nov 2012 for me to enter. The careers advisor was even unsure if he will still have a job. There is one way to look at things that as waiting times go up people may drop out or change there minds due to circumstances changing. A lot can happen in 2 to 3 years. Fingers crossed something will work out for all of us waiting.
  5. Re: Defence Review


    As they say
  6. Re: Defence Review

    I wonder how many phone calls the afco's are getting with people panicking :lol:

    Personally I am going to wait a couple of weeks for the impact to work it's way down then see what they say.
  7. Re: Defence Review

    I was wondering how long before this subject came up :D

    Olderjoiner has it in one :wink:
  8. Re: Defence Review

    I hate being a voice of reason and maturity.

    It makes me feel old.
  9. Re: Defence Review

    You'll grow out of it in time, especially after you've been in for a while (fortnight normally) :D
  10. Re: Defence Review

  11. Re: Defence Review

    Shockingly accurate appraisal!
  12. Re: Defence Review

    That is what I like to hear.

    If I pass my AIB and get in for January, that means I'll be back to being childish 2 weeks before my 28th :D
  13. Re: Defence Review

    I think it's jolly nice of the government to give the go ahead for these carriers so we can ferry French and Yank pilots around for 5+ years.

    I have been wondering what will become of the majority of fixed wing FAA pilots though. Is there a view to start a new Joint Strike Force incorporating the Typhoon and Tornado's? For however much longer the RAF hold onto the Tornado, around four years from what I have read.
  14. Recruitment for aet

    I was due to go in last year, but had to wait due to knee
    surgery. With all the cuts, what will this mean for recruitment, especially Aet
  15. Re: Recruitment for aet

    It would be reasonable to assume that the FAA manpower is going to be cut, but then again, so is the surface fleet. What you must bear in mind is that the overall plan will be to attempt to have a balanced branch structure (ie the correct ratio of AB/LH/PO/CPO/WO) To acheive this may require some redundancies, and may require a smaller number of recruits, but there should still be recruiting, otherwise we will run out of ABs. Unfortunately, none of us yet know exactly what the requirement will be, so you will have to be patient until a decision is made. You are perhaps in a better position those who may be made redundant, as the decision on recruiting is likely to be simpler and promulgated sooner than the detailed breakdown of redundancies.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Two threads merged. I expect that there are/will be more threads on the same old.

    Man up. The Navy requires grit. On the league of 'bad', having to wait longer to join up is a long way behind being taken hostage by highly strung Iranians, sinking in the South Atlantic, running aground off Australia, going on patrol with Royal in Helmand, being dogs middle forenoon for an entire deployment or getting to the scran queue after WAFUs.

  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Respeck. :wink:
  18. Really Bad?

    Options for Change - A restructuring of the British Armed Forces in 1990, aimed at cutting defence spending following the end of the Cold War.

    Among those cuts was the reduction in manpower (by approx.18%) to around 60,000 in the RN, 120,000 Army & 75,000 RAF.

    The more observant newbie will note that even those 'reduced numbers' have dwindled somewhat over the past 20 years.

    Compare and contrast.
  19. I'm so glad you let us in on that one, I'll only be 30 by the time I get in so actually, waiting a bit longer to join up is a big deal and it is important to some.
  20. But somewhat less of a big deal than being made compulsorily redundant will be to those with families to support , not much in the way of transferable skills, and scant time to avail themselves of resettlement training.

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