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I heard last night that President currently has 53 new entries (of which about 15 are qualified and willing to go for AIB); someone went on to say that this is more than the rest of the RNR units put together, and someone else speculated that it compared well with the current sum total of new entries for the TA in the greater London area.

Can anyone from various RNR units give a snapshot of how new entry recruiting is going? Is President the only unit that is expanding?

Most units I know would kill for half that intake. Even although President has a good location, I think it does a very good job of marketing itself to the people of London.

I would be interested to see that stats for city centre units like President and Calliope compared to the more out of town spots like Scotia, Flying Fox and Wildfire.

Still BZs all round to the President recruiting team.



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Wow - BZ to President. That's a very good intake. Last couple of years has definitely been lean, though I know some units are on the upturn with recruitment now. Nothing along the lines of 53 though, and I would not be surprised if that was more than the rest put together.

A point to remember, and this is not to detract from Presidents incredible achievement, but the majority joining the likes of Vivid and KA will be ex-regular and will go straight onto the trained strength, bypassing NE altogether. You still need that intake at the NE level though, and it gives other RUs something to aim for.


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CAROLINE currently has 20 NEs.
As a % of total unit size, this must beat President
(Can't allow anyone to BZ President without reply can we ?)
BZ Caroline


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Also worth noting that PRES functions as a feeder unit. Relatively few of the N/E's will stay with the unti for their whole career, and often the young professionals who join as AB's or as SLT's will be posted elsewhere in the UK and join other RNR units. I can think of numerous ex PRES types we've despatched into the wilderness :)


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Uncle_Albert said:
Like little viral missiles, infecting our rural units with their big city ways.


The infection keeps on trying to take hold in our RU, but we're bravely fighting it off!


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Uncle Ole chap we seem to have the same name. tut tut.

This could be very misleading

You wouldn`t consider changing it would you?

Thanks in anticipation.


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If I'd checked the member list and seen there was already someone with such a similar name I'd have picked something else.

My move? What are you talking about? This isn't some kind of pissing contest, chum.


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