Recruitment development weekend & NMT100

Hi there,

I will be doing my recruitment development weekend and NMT100 this year. Has anyone got any tips? Anything I should take with, extra kit etc?

For the past month or so my calf has decided to give up on me doing any running whatsoever which has really hindered my 2.4km run time. I’ve bought compression socks in a bid to ease off some of the tightness so I can get on with running when it comes to it. Will there be much running after the test?

Are you even allowed to wear supports?


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Lantern Swinger
Plenty of running on comf course. As BH said, INT instructors.

Extra gear? The kit list as you covered pretty well really. Maybe extra set or two of dry socks for NMT100. I took some big sealable bags to keep my dry kit in for when you get wet.