Recruitment (again!)


Did anyone spot the advert in the back of the Metro this morning for the RAF Reserves (sic)? By the content it was probably quite cheap to produce but I thought it got the message across really well (i.e. "you will serve in the frontline with regular personnel") and would be quite easy for the RNR to piggyback on.....anyone from CMR know of a similar campaign for us??


The RAF reserves are also advertising on talksport at the minute.

I have noticed a new RN advert on TV with the communicator on a bomber. Ithought they could have stretched to mentioning the RNR at the end at the very least.

Anyone else around here think that the RN see us as competition for recruits? the TA and RAAF all actively advertise together yet the RN seem to want to distance themselves from us. Even some of the AFCO's are less than helpful when it comes to RNR.



War Hero
Soooooo have the RAFaux rebranded themselves then? are they now RAF(r)?
hmmmmm intresting........if so are the army going to follow suit? to Army(r)? if so does this mean a shift to something new other than just a name change?
Uncle_Albert said:
As I recall, in the past such things have had a return as to render the exercise far too wasteful. Really, really poor returns.

That could well suggest a badly concieved plan rather than a poor advertising medium.
The Oggies are refering to themselves as RAF Reserves

Very confusing if you ask me as RAFR could easily be confused with the RAF Regiment (or RAF Regt) which obviously has a very different function.

I can only assume that the name is being used to simplify understanding for those outside of the Forces as to what they are and do.


Reservist-Monkey said:
I LOVE the FTRS bit on the front page. Can you imagine our illustrious friends at DNCM(R) doing anything so helpful, EVER!

The RN don't have as many cushy jobs as the RAF so the RAF find them harder to fill from one school of thought...

the other is...the RN don't want/need any FTRS (except those old mates who have just come out) as those billets take up valuable harmony time.

Wonder whether we can apply for any of their FTRS posts??? Now that would be confusing.