Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Anchor_Faced, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone tried to use PSIs in the recruiting arena, and get them invloved in oulling in some new blood during the working week???
  2. You are joking no? They are far too busy to do something like that. After all they need time to

    a. travel to the unit on a Monday
    b. sports make and mend
    c. another sports make and mend
    d. leave early on a Friday
  3. You must have busy PSI's ours only manage a and d in a normal week :lol:
  4. I have only been in a few years when do you get to meet the PSI's?
  5. I think it is great that the RNR is being all-inclusive and I fully support creative ideas on how best to recruit but what has the Policy Studies Institute (PSI) got to do with RNR recruiting?

    "Policy Studies Institute (PSI) is one of Britain's leading independent research institutes, conducting research to promote economic well-being and improve quality of life. PSI enjoys a reputation for the rigorous and impartial evaluation of policy in the UK and Europe, and the publication and dissemination of research findings is central to our ethos."
  6. Well the current PSI's out our unit are strangely different from the norm, they are a great bunch and get involved in everything including recruiting!!!

    I have to admit though, this is the first lot that I know of that have :wink:
  7. Give them some credit. One units PSI's have manage to get on radio one this week *Lunch time Link-up*.
  8. So much for the 'one navy' concept.
    Lets face it, would anything happen without the PSI's. Travel, pay etc.
    Stop knocking them, we are all on the same side.
  9. Does the PSI's duties include answering the telephone or replying to emails..... Thought not.
  10. Well said GCYZ. Those of you who have previously commented on how much better off we'd be without them will get a shock when they're gone.

    We have a POM that travels a 180 mile round trip to give weapons, baton and drill instruction in Leeds - and he cant even drive!!!

    Previous PSI's "get up and go" had all but got up and went by the time they reached us and just wanted an easy life. The chaps we have at the minute are alright.
  11. i imajine it migth be a hard job, mating up civvy time off too pusser requirements, but hey, i would givw it a bash. where do i applie ? :?
  12. PSI's are different from unit to unit, dont get me wrong ours have their moments but by and large they are excellent working very hard on all aspects of unit life....standby for some serious bitching when theyve gone....!!
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Having joined the RNR at a land-locked CTC many years ago, I've experience Reserve Units with a single PSI as well as the current model with a Lt-Cdr heading up a whole raft of PSIs. Personally, I don't think the number of PSIs is as important as their motiviation - if they know whatis expected of them and what their authority is, then by and large they'll do what is required. I think one of the problems that the RUs have faced over the past few years is that a) they are modelled on the old Sea Training Centres with manning levels to suit; b) no-one at CMR appears to know what is expected of a Reserve Unit and hence the PSIs. There was an exercise conducted about 4 years ago which looked at the role of the Reserve Unit by questioning both RNR and the RN PS separately - whatever happened to the findings of this study?

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