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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ant, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Ant

    Ant Midshipman


    I am new to this forum and already i can see that it is a source of much help on many different topics.
    I have my resit on the 13th of August. I have applied as a position as a Warfare Officer. However, my weakest point is the verbal reasoning. The part i find hardest is when you are given 5 sentences and have to pick the one that means different from the others. Can anyone offer help? As i think if i fail this time, i wont have another chance. Thank you

  2. There's not much we can do to help its just how you perceive the question, for example which one is the odd one, car, bus, motorbike, banana.

    If you use the search function I think there's a thread with a link to practice papers, go to the library and find some books to practice from also :)

    Good luck
  3. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for the quick reply. An example of the questions that i always stumble is below:

    [h=5]Four of the five sentences have the same meaning. Which one sentence has a different meaning:[/h]A) The tall girl pushed the boy over.
    B) It was the tall girl who was pushed over by the boy.
    C) The boy was pushed over by the tall girl.
    D) The tall girl pushed the boy and he fell.
    E) The boy fell as a result of the girl pushing him

    It took me multiple attempts to finally get this right. And now i can understand that it was a result of B being the only answer where the girl was the one to fall over. But at the point in time, i find it hard to distinguish.
    I think i may be looking into this too much, but i am determined to join as an officer.

    Thank you, Ant
  4. Just read the question as properly as you can, I know there's not much time for each section but don't just panic and rush, because you'd miss the obvious answer, like you said you done on the question above.

    Google some more test papers, definitely go to your library you'll find loads there, it's best to just familiarise yourself with those questions :).
  5. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    If i had 13 minutes in the English and 9 in the maths id be fine. I much prefer maths to English! But im unsure on what book to get as there isnt one that is titled
    [h=5]'Four of the five sentences have the same meaning. Which one sentence has a different meaning' lol[/h]
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  6. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I found a few. My dad is ex Navy so he's finally lent a hand. Thanks Lauren

    SJRM, yes, i'm being spoon fed but id be an idiot not to use this forum when it is here. I'd rather ask questions and pass, that not ask questions and fail...and thanks for the advice.
  7. Is this serious? If its not a wind up, i don't find maths (so the opposite) the easiest thing to get me head around but i found this worked- i found getting confident in answering things quickly. If you can get your mind to work fast then thats a fair bit of the battle i think. As for the english itself it would be hard to suggest how to improve on that as the questions could be anything, but again if you can work quickly then you will have more time and be more effecient to thoroughly read the sentences and figure out which one it is. I think with practice against the clock you will see improvements
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2013
  8. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I thought about it. But ive just got 3 Distinctions in my Extended Diploma for Public Services. It involves alot of reports and all sorts. Its just the fact that i will have only a few minutes to answer the questions in which i think i will struggle.
  9. Just take your time and RTFQ, sorted.
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  10. BTEC? That is mainly copying from the book. And trust me, I know, I am the Unit CVQO officer.

    If you are struggling with English interpretation and comprehension tasks then take SJRM_RN's advice. You need additional tuition. With a shrinking RN, the recruitment process can afford to be choosy, especially for the officer cadre. Using "I" instead of "i" will be a good start as well.
  11. Ant

    How did your first attempt at the RT actually go? Did you manage OK in the other sections, such as the Mechanical Comprehension one? That one trips up a fair few applicants. What did the CA say to you afterwards?

    By the way, when are you hoping to join as a Warfare Officer?
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Open wide:

  13. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    I found the other sections easier than I was expecting. The maths I finished in a lot less time than I was given and was stuck there twiddling my thumbs. I have just spent the day with an ex RAF MP and he made me realize that all you have to do is spot the minor differences within the sentences. Now I feel a lot more confidant in not only the English section, but in passing the RT for officer class.

    I am looking at joining as an officer in the RNR. I am unsure of the waiting time. I want to join ASAP
  14. A double hit as to why you should strapped naked to an ants nest and covered in honey!
  15. Why does the RNR in particular appeal to you, Ant?
  16. Ant

    Ant Midshipman

    Currently I am starting my second year in college. So I want to join the RNR until I finish the full course and then join the regulars. I believe that the RNR will give me the experience needed to help me in the regulars.

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