Recruiting Test

Lads help me out here.

Ive followed a link on here and it took me to required scores for trades. For A.E.T. it say 78 L10 N18. What does L10 and N18 mean ???

So, is the pass mark 78 out of 120?

Also Im trying again so to speak was going to go into R.N.R. but better judgement makes me want to go reg.

From my first RT result, its not looking to good for me for A.E.T.
The C.P.O. at the office first said " your well off the mark" and then went onto to say futher into the lecture that "I didnt have to improve that much" when he discoverd that Im 32

What is this guy on?

Is the A.E.T. trade over filled at this moment? Do I have to look forward to becoming a Choc Head ?

Answers most welcome


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As indicated on the Royal Navy website reference library under "BR3", the AET scores break down in to all-up score out of 120, & sub-sections marked out of 30 - Reasoning (R), Literacy (L), Numeracy (N) & Mechanical comprehension (M).

If the minimum figures are not stated for Literacy or Numeracy for any trade, you must reach a minimum of 10 in each.

All technical trades have recently been changed and now additionally include R15 & M14 for AET & M14 for ET(ME) or ET(WE).

If in doubt, call your AFCO for clarification with regard eligibility to re-sit the test.

Current waiting times for AET are declared at 9 months but there is the possibility that due to the huge influx of applicants that recruiting targets for next year may significantly reduce- the knock-on effect being that waiting times to join may significantly increase & training places available may significantly reduce.

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