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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PERCY09, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what the required mark is to pass?

    Are there certain pass marks/ criteria for different branches?

    I am particularly interested in the Engineering Branch therefore any info relating to this would help :) info on other branches also appreciated

    I have the practice booklet provided by the AFCO & I answered every question correct in the Reasoning, Verbal Ability & Numeracy sections however I answered most of them wrong in the Mechanical Comprehension section, this. Im guessing these are the most important for the Engineering branch therefore I wouls appreciate if some one could tell me where I could further examples to practice as I have never needed to do anything like those questions before.

    Thanks again
  2. there are certain pass marks for certain branches, you will never know the required mark they only tell you if you have passed or not. But be aware for engineering the pass mark is quite high.

    Try using the search button there are a numerous amount of threads on this.
  3. i cant get the search to work???????

    no matter what i search for nothing at all comes up let alone any old topics... where am i going wrong
  4. That happens with me too for some reason. If you go to "More search options" at the bottom and click on forum search then you should get your results.


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