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My name is Richard and i'm about to join the Royal Marines. Upon my visit to the Careers Office, i'll come across a Recruiting Test. The pyschometric test that involves sub-tests such as general reasoning ability, verbal ability, numeracy and mechanical comprehension leaves me with some questions that i really need answered.

I want to become a Reconnaissance Operator, thats the Branch i'm going to choose. I've read in the booklet provided that if i don't get the required mark for the Branch i chose, i'll have to choose a different Branch altogether; but i've phoned the Royal Marines phone line and got told that the Recruiting Test is only to be passed, this will then make you eligible for further processing. I'll then be able to retake the test when i'm serving as a General Duties Marine at any time.

So my questions are as followed:
1) Will i only get one chance to pass this test, if i'm able to retake it, can i retake when i'm serving as a General Duties Marine?

2) do i have to get a certain mark within the sub-tests to be eligible for the Branch i chose?

thank you for any replies to this subject and you're time to asnwer the questions,

Richard C


War Hero
Hello Richard

Welcome to the site, it's good to see you have an idea of your chosen intended careers route.

As long as you pass the Recruiting Test you have already mentioned, for entry as a Royal Marine,you are assessed to have the intellectual ability to complete the Other Rank Commando training indicated on the Royal Marines website.

It would be wrong to assume that because you wish to pursue a chosen specialisation then you will naturally follow that progression as you have to be recommended by your seniors & there also has to be a vacancy in your chosen trade. Reconnaissance Operator, as you are probably aware, is the route to achieving Mountain Leader. It is highly sought after & only the most suitable are selected.

As long as you pass the basic Recruiting Test (RT) at your local AFCO you are elgible to enter the Royal Marines General Duties (GD) capacity. Should you fail the initial RT, you may re-take it in 12 months. Should your chosen sub- specialsation require a higher RT score than you initially achieved for the purpose of joining, you will be permitted a re-take within the Corps- usually at your nearest AFCO.

The mark required for specific branches within the Royal Marines, other than GD, are set at branch level within the Corps & are neither published or known at AFCO level.

Good luck to you.


Thank you very much for you're fast reply. This information helps, as i've been studying for many hours each day for the test just to get a decent score. I hope to end as a Swimmer Canoeist, i know there is only a little chance of making it, but if there is a chance there is a will.

Richard C