Recruiting RMR Scotland

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Getfit, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Anyone joining holding troop?

    Does anyone know the dates for the holding troop for RMR Scotland April selection?

    Is there much interest here with people joining?

    Should I wait until the Selection weekend?

    Thanks :grin:

  2. Alright mate

    Dont wait until Selection weekend before joining!! Get in now so you can complete all your documentation, interview, medical etc and that way your admin is totally squared away by W/E 1.
    Phone the AFCO to note your interest in the RMR (0131 221 1111) and RMR Scotland HQ (0141 445 6020) to do the same.

    Do that now and ask if you can visit the unit tonight to see what its like - If your struggling to get transport there, PM me your details and I will see if I can pick you up en-route.

  3. Magic, went along to the HQ last night and was given an intro to the RMR by one of the Marines. Fairly straight forward.

    They have a great setup at Glasgow, Climbing wall, new Gym, new Marine bar and all the mod cons.

    So looks good, just need to get the admin taken care of and prep myself for the selection.

  4. Yeah
    And stay out of the bar!! :lol:
  5. Sitrep from you Spenny if ou dont mind mate!!
  6. All went well mate.

    Cracked all my admin, entrance exam, medical, and interview (just back from AFCO now), so thats me now officially a Recruit in Holding Troop.

    Went into the Unit last night and met up with Sgt E. Great bloke who showed me around, talked about the Corps and RMR and generally answered any questions I had etc.
    The lads were doing there BFT for there bounty qual, so I helped out with that. Back in next week, when the real work begins!!

    Bitten by the bug Nutty - Im 100% focused on this now.

  7. If only staying out the bar was the hard part.

    However, the lads that do the bar thing, seem to bond better. This in turn helps with getting through the course!

    "A team that drinks together, wins together" I'm sure thats a saying!

    Cheers and best of luck to all.

  8. Yeh, If you do the training, you should do the boozing too.
    Did us all no harm last year. Every weekend we had off we went out and got Shitters together, Also means no one flashes at each other cause it all comes out after a few drinks.


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