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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watch_and_shoot, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Question:

    If you had a budget within reason and some spare time, what would you do to attract Recruits to your unit?

    Im asking this question based on being a Recruit for the Royal Marines Reserve, however suggestions for both Regular and Reserve Forces would be appreciated.



    (Note: Ive posted this in Diamond Lils, so both serious and absolutely crazy ideas welcome. Not that I'm saying your all crazy 8O :? :lol: )
  2. What's one of those? :?

    Seriously though, to attract someone into the RN: pay them to do a civvy desk job for a month, then put them on a deployed ship for another month.

    I would hope they'd be breaking down the AFCO door to get in.

  4. On the basis that many of the quality of life problems would be reduced if we had full manning my first things would be firstly decent pay at all gredes, and secondly an effective Veterans Admin that will actually support ex-servicement and raise their public profile and public respect.

    If I had any money left over I would set the manning standards on the basis of only 90% utilisation of the available manpower so that there was actually some slack in the system which would futher improve stability.

  5. free beer always seems to pull in the students,the masons in Bath ran an open evening for students with free beer and got 20 new members
  6. Free beer? Where do I sign up Womps? Errrrm - what am I joining again 8O
  7. It's free beer, why worry what it is, just sign here............................
  8. Roger that!!! :wink:

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