Recruiting Children?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ninja_Stoker, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  2. Ignore it and it will go away, this was just the pacifist Rowntree Trust at it again. The only thing wrong with the Beeb report was their failure to make clear the general pacifist nature of the reports authors. In reality it would appear that considering their objectives the report is really rather mild.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, would that be the same Rowntrees that make sweeties that rot kiddies teeth?

    From their website FAQ's:

    Is there any link between Rowntree chocolate and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust?
    The original endowment that Joseph Rowntree gave to the three Rowntree Trusts was in the form of shares in the Rowntree chocolate company.

    Oh well, as long as their founding & motives are noble, eh?
  4. In fairness to Today, the interviewee from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation was asked repeatedly about his own personal views and whether his opinions coloured his comments. He refused to divulge his own standpoint, saying that it bore no relevance to what he was saying, but I (and I would imagine many others) found his refusals damning.

    BTW VAdm Wilkinson sounded like a relative of General Melchett. Have our senior officers been skiving the Media courses they used to have to attend?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I wonder if The Rowntree Trust protests against Children's TV programmes such as Bob the Builder ?

    The following comparison, whilst admittedly not exactly comparing like for like, gives a fair indication of perspective with regard dangerous occupations.

    The number of UK troops killed on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 now stands at 86.

    Of those killed, 25 died from accidents, illness, or non-combat injuries, according to the Ministry of Defence. Of the all-up total, 8 were Royal Marines Commandos.


    British Military Fatalities in Afghanistan since 2001

    UK Construction Industry fatalities have hit their highest rate for five years, according to official Health and Safety Executive figures released in July.
    There were 77 fatal injuries in the year 2006/7, and an estimated 300 since 2001.


    British Construction Industry Fatalities in 2006/7

    Whilst it is extremely important to accept that Royal Marines will serve in areas of conflict, it is equally important to realise that this is exactly what they are trained to do. Builders don't expect their lives to be so much at risk.

    Why is it we do not condemn childrens TV plugging the most dangerous occupation in Britain?
  6. Rowntree was a Quaker and a pacifist so it is not surprising the trust that bears his name follows his principles. Having said that he was like other successful Quakers a model employer who spent much of his fortune on social welfare.
  7. Not only that child builders are allowed into action on building sites from the age of 16 unlike our child soldiers who have to wait till they are 17.
  8. And example of the retardness of this report?

    It goes on about the rights of conciencious objecters.

    Seems to have passed the gooders couple of brain cells that our Armed Forces are 100% volunteers.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It seems to be the theme for today as far as the BBC are concerned- Jeremy Vine (Radio 2) is currently giving air-time to the same people that think we glamourise the job & don't warn them of the inherrent danger of warfare. Admittedly it's main focus is on the Army.
  10. They know it will provoke debate. The BBC are very good at getting interviewees to say something controversial, and have a lot of 'experts' (one good example being John Large) who they will trot out whenever the need arises. They can depend on these people to say what they (the BBC) want, and at the same time, remain distanced from those remarks.

    What utter rubbish, in the recruitment process I was under no illusions that the Navy might require me to be put in harms way, and that I was even asked in the AIB how would I feel about potentially having to kill another human.

    I attended a Meet the Marines Day in Milton Keynes, and the video that we were shown before anything else made it clear that fighting in a warzone was likely, and then later we were thrashed by a PTI, again clearly telling us that if you join the Marines you will be doing PT.

    The latest army adverts and Royal Marines Adverts, clearly show that you will be in war zones, and that you can be inches from a firefight (the Army ad with the kid and the football springs to mind) these people are just finding any excuse they can to give the Armed Forces a kicking.

    More children die on Britain's roads, than Servicemen that are killed in the Armed Forces, maybe this Children's charity should focus on that.
  12. It is a common problem that those who change their mind will blame the recruiting staff for misleading them whether they did or not, after all who can prove what they were told them I am sure NS is very aware of this problem. I am equally sure there are plenty of other jobs that have similar problems, just think of teachers, social workers etc who can all find their jobs pretty traumatic if they end up in the wrong place.
  13. When I applied to join the RN, at barely 16, in 1979, I knew that joining the armed forces involved killing people and the possibility of being killed/maimed, etc. If I hadn't failed that darned medical I would have joined fully aware of the consequences of my deliberate actions. I also knew all about the horrors of the G Spot too at 15, so I knew what to expect in basic training at Raleigh.... if I survived the dreaded POs! o_O :lol:
  14. I have just signed up at the grand old age of 16 and I must say the armed forces definatley makes it clear that I could go to war, kill or be killed even so you would have to be a bit thick if you didnt know what the ARMED forces have to put up with. If your really going to go down this line take action man and things like that off the shelves.
  15. You means my Action Sailor is a FIGHTING doll??!! Shock horror! ;) :lol:

    You couldn't make it up!
  16. Yeah but its ok

    We can always respawn, its not that bad if we die, i mean, our ratings go down but thats all

    You shall see me on the high scores table lads :)

    Anyone who actually joins, and goes through training and still thinks its a game deserves to get shot tbh.
  17. I found it quite illuminating that the former soldier that they've wheeled out to talk about his experiences was recruited some 20 years ago. When I went through recruitment at around the same time I was under no illusions about what I was getting into, and I did look quite seriously at the army as well as the RN. I'll concede that enquiries about commissions in the Int Corps and R. Sigs perhaps got different answers to enquiries about being a soldier.

    On R4 neither interviewee came across well, but VAdm W was appalling.
  18. I remember a documentary, BBC's Timewatch I think, on the Royal Oak disaster where a 17 year old baby sailor aboard her wrote to his mother (his letter was read out) saying, in effect, that it was wrong having boys like himself serving in war time. He was killed when she sank.

    When I was 16 I thought I was a man.... only much later, in my 30's, did I realise that I wasn't, and still ain't! :biggrin:
  19. I was at Birmingham New Street station last Sunday to come back up north and the huge amount of armed forces personnel (could tell by the standard issue black bags) that were around (returning back after Christmas leave) must have all been under 20.

    To think that these poor "Children" men and women that will be going out to theatre and possibly some of them never returning (sad state of affairs) is such an upsetting prospect!
  20. ...unlike the G-spot Steve, at Raleigh we were told '' whether you're 16 or 32 we treat ALL of you as men''....but like you I still have not grown up :thumright:

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