Recruiting adverts on the telly.


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Shit aren't they? The recent ones have been some crap about United Nations style debates going into some 'action' about aid relief or shooting down an incoming missile. The OM didn't even have his anti-flash up in the last example.

The booties one at the moment is good, with the 99.9% need not apply.

Anyway, was reading on another thread that recruiting ads can't show combat or anyone looking like they're enjoying handling weapons. So what should be in a good Navy recruiting ad?

For starters, I think there should be some hardcore training stuff, like in a DRU or summat, and some tense ops room shit, anti-flash up all jargon and whistles and all that shit, some Harpoons or Sea Wolfs going off, spot of roughers, some small arms stuff, fast roping and that, bit of flying and sub stuff and some run ashore involving beer and birds.

It should look proper ******* hardcore, not some crap about "I'm a medic and I'm helping some refugees" bollocks.

Serious suggestions anyone?
What about the RAS ?

Imagine the excitement......

Middle of the night, heaving seas, and the smallest jacks on board to help the Dusties (Loggies?) put all the stores down - or is that not done anymore ??



War Hero
I want to see bangs and explosions! Heaving seas, a dash of high tech kit, a fast pace exciting ad... and then some more bangs!

Or the total opposite eg a submarine, totally silent, active sonar pinging away, make things look v. dark and secretive. Something to make me think "I want to do that".

Not this shite about "moving a frigate safely into harbour" as per the RN careers website!!
Even the crabfats advert looks better than ours and it must only be about 1% of them that fly!!
There is always the option of a generic forces advert; shiters, poking ur boss in the chest with a nicotine stained finger with the caption, "Armed forces: when you've fucked up everything else..."

I love my job.

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