Recruiting Ads

Don't knoww what its like around the country but in Border TV (cumbria & sw scotland) we are getting recruiting ads for the crabs every hour.
Am i missing something? havent seen the annoying merlin aircrew one for ages even the pongo ads aren't on.
It doesn't matter how often the ads are on the Bootie tagline 99.99% need not apply makes all of the rest of our recruiting ads seem pathetic, remember the one with the WREN MA, what was that all about. The types of lads/lasses joining up now aren't getting the benefits many of us got so we have to appeal to them in a more exciting way. At present we are not doing this. Even the army ads are better than ours!
There's ones showing right now with Wafus poncing about.

One with a Pilot and Observer taking the piss out of one another and a second with some Wren Wafu tinkering with a GR7.

They certainly don't qualify as 'decent' though.
All recruting ads are a waste of time when they encourage some young hopeful to ring up the careeers office and find out how much they get paid and decide that maybe going to Iraq for moths at a time and being a train driver or assistant manager at Aldi pays the same if not more............
I think now the Flaklands is so many years away for the youngsters and the cold war is over, the press make all our conflicts out to be war for oil and it doesn't give the youngsters a patriotic call to arms. They just see a future fighting for the democracy of some religiously retarded race that will self destruct again the minute we leave their shores.Then every week the press is saying how much the armed forces are being cut down and reduced. If you are looking to join a company, would you choose one that looks like it is going down the tubes?

And all this for not much money and a crap pension?
No wonder they aren't banging down the door.
Very true and no wonder there's retention issues too.

Once upon a time there were fantastic cushy jobs in London, long drafts overseas in Portugal etc etc now you might get a stint in the Shatt El Arabb if you're lucky and then back to sea and on directed tasking again.
I know what you mean, i feel the press do us no favours whatsoever. Back to the ads, the one that is really getting on my wick at the mo is the one with the two birds in the TA who introduce themselves to a bloke (surely drunk) trying to pull them by their TA ranks. Psis off you weekend warrior whroes, thats not clever advertising its toss, if anyone tried something like that to a proper serviceman they would get laughed out of the bar.
No point in spending a fortune on ads if you can not spend a few bob on tea and stickies at the Funeral of one of your own who died in action and it makes the National Newspapers.


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