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I took my recruit test today and after waiting a long time to find out my results I started to get nervous. I got extremely nervous then was asked straight after being told my result why I wanted to be a warfare officer. Is this a bad first impression? I was thinking maybe its a good thing I got nervous as it may seem like I don't care if I didn't, for me this is everything. Is there a reason why they don't just tell you "you passed" when you return? will my nervousness in that moment matter?

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Maybe you hadn't reached the required standard but were given the benefit of the doubt and thrown an opportunity to impress.

Sometimes the ACLO may be looking for indicators to warrant discretionary points in the case of a near miss and the answers you give can be the difference between telling you that you have passed or that you have failed.

If it's borderline and he's maybe trying to gauge whether you're worth going out on a limb, so it's probably best to act the part even if you may not feel the part inwardly.

The ACLO/Careers Adviser may not necessarily tell you whether you were a strong pass, a scrape or a fail requiring a bit of discretion so I'd be inclined to be chuffed rather than hacked-off about being put under a modicum of pressure - just in case.
Thanks for your reply Ninja_Stoker,

I was more just worried that I had ruined an opportunity to impress than being annoyed. This makes total sense if I had not quite made the mark. The ACLO told me I had 'nailed it' which added to the nerves as I didn't think the mechanical went too well and was a bit shocked then again they may tell everyone that. My answer to the question was short 'I wanted a leadership role'. With this answer in mind, what happens next if they don't think i'm a strong candidate? I haven't received an email or anything, I think I'll get a letter containing the medical/fitness information, is this correct?

Thanks again for your help.

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