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I have recently sent off my application form for the role of ET(ME) and have a couple of questions.

1. What is the current waiting time for this role?

2. Regarding the Recruit Test is your overall score worked out as an average across the board or are you scored on each individual category?

Cheers in advance:)


You do the test, you get told if you have passed or failed and if you have failed then they’ll sit down and talk to you About choosing another trade you have passed for, if not then resit in a few months


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I understand that your results in each category are relevant to the job you are applying for.

What he said. Each trade has an overall score that is required, but will also have minimum scores for individual elements of the test so it is possible to have scored high enough overall but still not be offered that role.


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The test is divided into four sections - Reasoning, Literacy, Numeracy and Mechanical Comprehension. A candidate hoping to join as an Engineering Technician will be expected to achieve a certain level in the Mechanical Comprehension in addition to the other three sections - you can see why that would be, if you think about what the job involves. Have a look at this and see what you think:

Do plenty of preparation for your test and then see how you get on.


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The test is timed so don’t hang about. When I did it some special case with a plaster on his forehead filled out the wrong section for what section we where on so don’t do that . When I was revising I bought one of those £10 guide books and just kept doing all the variations whilst working under test conditions , Im appying as an AET and it worked for me .

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