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Hello all,

I have my RT coming up in a couple of weeks and have been trying to revise for the MC part of the test. I have revised levers, pulleys, gears, and electrical circuits. When I completed the practice booklet I struggled with the two questions PQ4 and PQ6. PQ4 illustrated 3 identical rockets at different angles and asked which of the three would travel furthest horizontally from its launching point. PQ6 was illustrated with a ship firing three projectiles horizontally; the only difference being the amount of charged used, it asked which takes the longest time from leaving the gun barrel to hitting the sea? I got both of these wrong, and really want to revise this topic as much as possible. Please could anyone offer any advice on where I could revise these principles. I have tried google to no avail.

Also could I please ask if there is anything else I should brush up on for this part of the test?

Thanks all,
A GCSE classical mechanics book might come in useful for both of those. It seems you have understood other areas fairly well though so I wouldn't worry too much, its not a hard test.

The best bit of advice I could give to you for these is to take the question to the extremely large.
With Q4 for example, imagine a rocket pointing at 90, 45 and 0 degrees, take into account drop then try to visualise which ones will go furthest (in this case 45 degrees which will always give the largest horizontal trajectory).
With question 6, again, imagine the shell dropping out of the gun with no charge, one with some charge and another with lots of charge. They will all hit the floor at the same time as all you need to take into account is the vertical component (The weight of the object, falling due to gravity which is unaffected by the horizontal velocity.)

Hope this helps and best of luck.
I wouldn't worry if I were you, because the actual test is just like the booklet they give you and if you only got two questions wrong you'll be fine!!
Shouldn't be a problem, just get a Tiff to do that part of it for you. Best of luck
No don't ask a Tiff. I made that mistake once, four pages of A4 to answer a simple GCSE algebra question which only needed a short couple of lines.

So rule out Tiff's - they'll only complicate things.


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Tiffs - they can tell you the square root of an orange but can't peel it...

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No such thing as tiffs anymore guys. The navy decided it couldn't handle all these blokes who could make things and fix things so gave foundation degrees to all the stokers instead. great at sums, shit in workshops! And the amount of oranges waiting to be peeled was getting ridiculous.

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