Recruit cutback worries!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jones, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. hi there to everyone,

    i'm a little concerned about the news of cutbacks which were on the news thismorning.

    i passes my pjft, medical, interview etc in april 2010. i was told a 12 month wait would be in order before i went to hms ralleigh.

    That turned to 18 months due to ralleigh being closed for 6 months. which is fine and i have been told by my afco that i'll be going in october 2011. Will i actually go then or is it likely it will be put back god knows how long due to these new cutbacks? or will it not effect recruitment? i'm going in as a submariner if that helps.......cheers ha
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The advice is to speak to your AFCO rather than pay heed to random guesses by those of us that are unaware of individual circumstances or which of the several dozen submarine trades for which you may have applied.
  3. posh words, joining as mesm.

    like i said i spoke with my afco about a week ago.

    was just wondering if anyone knew whether it was likely that ralleigh would be 'closed' again due to these new cutbacks?!
  4. do u not know then?

    sorry if ive upset anyone
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you spoke to your AFCO last week & have reason to believe waiting times have changed in the interim in view of a news item on today's news, then the first port of call should be the AFCO rather than an unofficial forum.

    A link to the news article suggesting HMS Raleigh may be closing for longer would perhaps qualify the grounds for the query.
  6. ok i do see ur point.

    the news article in the guardian stated that 1600 RN redundancies would take place. i was just wondering if this would be likely to effect anyone who is waiting for a start date.
  7. the fact that i do have a query and uncertaincies is plenty enough reason to ask questions on a website designed for such queries
  8. The redundancies and uncertainties have been in the news for weeks. You're justification for your own failure is not sufficient to excuse you're rudeness.
    Do some research yourself...there's a thread about redundancies in the top ten here somewhere...
  9. Count yourself lucky that you have an idea when you are going in. April 2010 to October 2011 isn't that much of a waiting time. Before you start shitting bricks think about the others that have been waiting much longer than you and still have no idea. Think before you open your trap and use the search button.
  10. as i said before i apolagise for upsetting anyone through being 'rude'. although i have been no ruder than yourselves. failure?? i'm not sure what your on about, climb off of your high horse. its a website with a forum for asking such questions. man up
  11. You'll meet lots of people like me in the RN.
    I was a SBA, or in real money a Medical Assistant.
    You might also try and master "spell checker"
  12. How many newbies come on here asking the exact same question? As Bob says. Twas ever thus.

    Incoming im sure.
  13. Well I would answer if I knew what the **** you're on about.
    Are you saying that there are stacks of questions already answered in these forums, or that he should be asking as is.?
  14. That's really going to help your case that attitude...
  15. not a very helpful bunch are you. lol chill out. its ok to say u dont know the answer to my question. no1 is going to get cross with you
  16. Oh come on? Theres about 10 threads every week with newbies asking this question. Thats what im saying. And they all get answered in the same fashion. But they still keep coming. :)
  17. I think if you read the vast numbers of articles properly, and use the search button, and listen to peoples answers instead of using your snotty attitude that's going to get you a long way at Raleigh (NOTE: Raleigh is spelt with just the one L) you'd find that the majority of those being made redundant are higher up the rank structure. Recruitment is still happening, however it is just slowing down due to the recent budget cuts that have been all over the news for the last however long. (Feel free to correct me if you interpret the articles in a different way, that is, if you bother to read them and take in what they say)
    I also agree with Rem3pt...once you've been waiting 2+ years and have heard nothing then you can have a bitch and a whine about waiting times. It will come when it comes. In the meantime, instead of getting the backs up of those people you are asking for help, get out, get/stay fit, alter the attitude and thank yourself lucky that you've been given a sniff of when your time will come. I envy not those who end up at basic training with you if you still behave like a spoilt child when you get there!
  18. Look. You've come here to ask for advice/help/info whatever. You've responded with rudeness when given an answer/advice from someone in the know. You've then compounded that by continuing your rudeness to all and sundry. You need to stop digging, put your spade to one side and take a bit of your humble pie. Then we can all get on nicely together, after all it's only Monday and there's a long week ahead. Also, the sun is shining. Did you find the redundancy thread that I mentioned earlier or have you been too busy digging your little hole?
  19. well a newbie wouldnt know that the same stuff gets asked '20 times a week'. its like u guys want sucking off b4 being civil, very angry strange bunch

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