Recovery & stregnth after an op

Hey, just joined and ive asked for help and directed here!

Ive had a 'lady op' which has affected my arm/chest muscles. I would have described myself as strong before the op, but since i had a few weeks in bed then just college work, i havnt done any excercise because i was scared i would damage myself.

I would like to know which excercises would get my stregnth back up without being too risky. Anything bulky like cardboard boxes are a bit past me at the mo (how stupid does that sound!) but i just cant do it for long!

Thank you in advance, louisa x
You can try the assisted weights machines at the gym, and keep the weight low. If you feel you can use free weights then give it ago, but keep that low as well.
They just said about relaxing so i did just that, two weeks infront of jeremy kyle!

Just said go easy for a while but they didnt mention about getting back to normal. At the time i was just in my first few months back at college, so it wasnt an idea to speak to the doc about it as i hadnt put much thought into the navy by then.

Im gunna have a little go tomorrow with some light objects and see how i go on.

Thank you everone, x
I hope the Doc will be along to smash my suggestion (or not) but I would consider standing pressups (hands on a wall, feet a certain distance away and then bend your arms slowly and gently straighten the arm). As you get better you can gradually move your feet backwards, steepening the angle until you can do it off the back of your sofa, or get back to real pressups..

Lots of other ideas, but if I list them all I'll start getting excited at how you might look doing them.

Good luck.
Dont tell him that 8O . You'll start to get a strange man driving by your house all the time now ;)

Just pm photos to me, I wont stalk you :lol:


Not before I add...

Don't do anything particularly strenuous until you are 6 weeks post-op. 6 weeks is a pretty arbitrary figure, but it takes time for tissues to heal and reorganise. At that stage, go for slow build-up exercises - any gym instructor should be able to help you, although I appreciate you may not want to approach too many people and explain the reason! It'll take time though - don't rush things. If you take it too quickly then you may get a bigger set-back.
Louisa_Wren said:
Dont understand what you mean, my facebook photo is of me, im farrrrrr to vane to let anyone else get a lookin on being on my profile photo!!! x
There's 4 hits on your name. One with some bloke, another too ugly to post a photo, someone else (Padget) sitting on a rock, and finally another with a face that's been hit by a frying pan. Which one is you then.
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Don't worry, when I pop round to Kingston-Upon-Hull to watch her undress I'll make sure I bring my Power Point Presentation on Persec. We can watch it together; romantic like 8O :lol:

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